Whether at holidays or end of the school year, children and parents love to thank teachers for their dedication and hard work. Teachers receive lots of gifts over the years and that shouldn't deter you from wanting to show your appreciation for their dedication to teaching your children, but you may want to consider a gift that is consumable, one that they can enjoy while they are using it up. They won't have to find a space for it in their classroom, but the memory of the gift and your appreciation will remain long-lasting.

What better way to thank a teacher than with a handmade card and a heartfelt message? Help your child make it extra special by creating a collage, stamp art or a drawing for the front. Talk with them about what their message inside will say and consider writing your own message in addition to your child's to express your appreciation for all that the teacher has done for your child.

Gift cards are a huge hit. Giving a gift card may seem too generic, so make it as personal as you can. If a teacher held an after-hours ef="/Arts and Crafts">arts and crafts class, for example, you could give them a gift card to a local crafts store where they can purchase something for themselves or something to replenish supplies for the after-school activity. There are also gift cards for local coffee shops, which are appreciated, even for non-coffee drinkers who often enjoy tea, hot chocolate or shakes. A gift card to a bookstore would certainly be appreciated. The teacher could use it for him or herself or the classroom if the bookshelves are thinning out. If you'd like to include something handmade with a bookstore gift card, your child could make a special bookmark for the teacher to personalize the gift card.

Find out if the classroom is running low on supplies. Make a list of needed items and do some shopping for the classroom. You and your child could wrap up the box of supplies for the teacher with wrapping paper made from brown paper grocery bags covered in your child's art.

Make a donation to the school's PTA or library fund in appreciation of your child's teacher. Give the teacher a note thanking them and mention that a donation was made in their honor.

If you like to bake, you could give a cute bag or box of your signature goodies. If baking is not one of your strengths, you could give them a box of treats from a local confectionary.

All of these gifts would be much appreciated by your child's teacher and even though they will be used up, that is the idea. Teachers will remember the time and effort you and your child took to appreciate them. They will enjoy buying books for their class or getting a free mocha, and although they would certainly treasure any gift from your child, they will also appreciate not having to find a place for a gift on their desks or shelves that are already full of treasured keepsakes.