Cool bike helmets come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. In addition, everyone comes up with their own definition for “cool”!  Many people are under the misconception that bicycle helmets cannot offer style and protection at the same time; however, those people are greatly mistaken. Companies such as Schwinn, Bell Sports, Giro, Fox, and Protec offer a ton of cool-looking helmets that will do a great job at protecting your head!

These are the 5 coolest bike helmets that you can buy; not only will they protect your head in the event of you falling off of your bicycle, but they will also attract a lot of attention because they have features that are unique to them.

5. Bell Citi

I consider this to be one of the coolest bicycle helmets that I have seen simply because it looks “funky”. This Bell helmet contains 16 functional vents that are designed to let cool air in and force warm air out. The vents accomplish this through their rearwards facing direction! The overall design of the helmet is elongated, and it contains a removable visor that will protect you from the rain and sun while you are riding your bike!

To top it off, this cool bike helmet is available in 4 different colors: black, yellow safety, brown leather, and matte pewter.

4. Nutcase Little Nutty Watermelon Helmet

There is nothing cooler than riding around on your bicycle while wearing a helmet that looks like a watermelon. This helmet is absolutely perfect for people that enjoy buying vibrant sports gear that will attract other people’s attention. A bright yellow helmet will cause people to notice you; however, a watermelon bicycle helmet will make people remember you for years to come!

This is a half-helmet that looks like a watermelon!

In addition this being one of the cool-looking helmets to wear on your bike, it is also very functional. It is designed in a multi-sport fashion so it is suitable for people that are riding on a bicycle, skateboard, scooter, or rollerblades! To top it off, it contains removable padding, which can easily be washed.

3. Raskullz Hawk Helmet

When it comes to the selection of cool bike helmets, the Raskullz Hawk seems to offer the best bang for your buck; it is being sold for about $25. It is hard to find any bicycle helmet for under $30; nonetheless, find one that offers protection and style! What makes this Raskullz bike helmet look cool is the fact that it contains vibrant red mowhawk-looking spikes on its top!

Mowhawks seem to be a rebellious haircut; moreover, this helmet allows the person that is riding the bicycle to look like a rebel. This is the absolute perfect helmet for a rebellious bike rider!

2. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

This is a fancy bike helmet because it allows you to look like you are traveling at high speeds, even while riding slowly! You can be riding around the neighbourhood on your bicycle going 3km/h and you will look like you are going 30km/h if you are wearing this helmet! This helmet is being sold for about $22 on Amazon, and is one of the best bicycle helmets for under $30.

Vents keep a rider cool while they are on their bike, so the more vents that a helmet has, the cooler that the bicycle rider will be. However, more vents can translate to a helmet that is not as protective. Basically, there is no point in buying any cool bike helmets that you see if they are not going to protect you. The Schwinn Thrasher Micro helmet contains 21 vents; however, Schwinn has ensured that this helmet will protect the rider in the unfortunate event of a bicycle fall!

1. Yakkay “Hat” Bicycle Helmets

These are the most unusual bike helmets that I have ever seen anyone wear. Basically, Yakkay allows you to choose a half-helmet, and pair it with a regular-looking hat. What they end up creating is a bicycle helmet that looks like a hat! Not only do Yakkay helmets offer the bicycle rider impeccable style, but they also ensure that the rider remains safe because there is an actual bike helmet underneath the hat! Yakkay`s helmets may be rather expensive (about $150); however, they are well worth every penny!

At the end of the day, you should be looking for a bicycle helmet that is going to protect your head. There would be no point in buying a cool-looking helmet that does not have a hard enough shell to protect you when you fall off of your bicycle. This article goes over 5 cool bike helmets that you should consider; some of them are cheap and some of them are expensive...but all of them look cool!