Xbox 360 slim skins are special removable decals that cover your gaming console in order to protect and customize it. Available in a wide variety of styles, designs, themes and colors, these special console-sized stickers make it easy to keep your video game console clean and safe from the ravages of late night soda accidents. You can find your favorite character or favorite game in the form of an xbox 360 slim skin for about $15 in most online stores. When you consider the cost of having your xbox slim repaired after it takes a nasty spill directly to the exhaust port, you can see the wisdom in dropping a couple bucks on a cool slim skin. 

Cool Blue Flaming Skull Slim Skin for Xbox 360

This popular xbox 360 slim skin shows off exactly how colorful and rich the decals can become. A cool flaming blue skull sits on a bright neon background - this is definitely a jazzy departure from the sedate and somewhat blah standard black finish of your average xbox 360 slim case. This decal is so detailed it even has small separate stickers for the CD tray and controller port for the ultimate in seamless integration. 

Cool Blue Flaming Skull Background Xbox 360 Slim Skin

The blue flaming skull is extremely detailed and is perfect for a gamer with attitude. You can see the swirling neon smoke of this demonic skull as it screams from the side of your slim xbox 360 console. Perfect for impressing your friends or just standing out at the next LAN party. 

Army of Two Xbox Skin

Big fan of army of two? If so, check out this themed xbox skin featuring the two heavily armed and armored bad boys of the popular co-op shooter. Army of two's xbox decal features the two main characters and their dense head armor. Be forewarned, some users have complained that this particular decal does not sync up perfectly with the lines and features of the xbox slim case - so you might want to consider a different option if that kind of thing really bothers you. 


It's a cool theme if you like this somewhat sedate color set. It is subtle yet will still give your console a unique flavor. It's just not as stronge a statement as the flaming blue skull from hell. 

Blue and Black Northstar Xbox 360 Skin for Slim Consoles

If you want something more decorative and aesthetically appealing without being as rigidly themed, check out this blue and black marbled xbox slim skin featuring the northstar style. This slim skin decal set has enough stickers to keep your slim case covered as well as two xbox controllers. This is a cool looking design that might work well for your xbox if you don't want to sport any specific character or game but just want to add some color to your xbox. 


Super Weird Polymer Gas Mask Face for Xbox 360

And now for something completely different. This Xbox case is unlike any of our previous entries, seeing as it's not only three dimensional, but also sort of creepy!

Xbox 360 slim skin polymer case gas mask

Definitely a winner if you're looking for something new and different!

Cool Assassin's Creed Xbox 360 Slim Skin

This cool Assassin's Creed themed xbox skin for the 360 slim console features the cloaked stabbinator himself, in mid twirl. A light themed skin perfect for fans of the series, this is a good choice for gamers that want to add some brightness to their xbox 360 and show their love for all things covert and bloody at the same time. 

Assasins creed xbox 360 slim skin

One side of the console will display Altair standing in full gear, and the other will show him on the move. It also comes with decals for two xbox 360 controllers. All in all a cool theme.