Twitter Tools 5 Crazy Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter is one of the coolest tools for getting instant information from a marketing standpoint, with its advanced search function; you can drill down on the stream of information that flows through Twitter's date servers, basing your marketing off what is being said in real time, this gives you the marketer the advantage. Just imagine the opportunities and people you can find with these valuable tips to further your article writing or products or services you are trying to sell on the internet.

Talk about broadening your horizons, we just opened the door!

Here are 5 crazy ways to use Twitter search for Marketing:

1. Location Targeting

Using Twitter's Advanced Search Tool for locations is pretty simple - to find a list of people in Seattle, you would write near:"Seattle, WA" within: 30mi and Twitter will show you the location field for Seattle Tweeters. But now you want to find seo companies in Seattle or maybe all of Washington state - now it's time to work with Google and Twitter (intitle:"seo companies * on twitter" OR intext:"bio * seo companies") intext:"location * TX" - we search the title, bio and location to get a very targeted list of SEO Companies in WA on Twitter. See how big this is!

2. Finding New Sign Ups

Another wonderful element about using any of these searches above is you can create them over in Google Alerts - as alert that comes to your email or RRS alert when a new seo company starts up in Seattle, by using the very same search string as an alert in Google Alerts.

3. Bio Targeting

Google can help you find Twitter bio's, by doing a search like - intext:'bio * seo companies",

4. Occupation Targeting

If your business offers search engine optimization services, using Google's shortcut library, you will be able to create a search that searches through Twitter and give you a list of users with the word for "seo" in their username or real name- do a search on - intitle"search engine optimization * on twitter" will give you a list of seo companies or another on Twitter.

5. Image Trending

Images have become huge on Twitter, do a search for a hot trend simply in a phrase you want to follow and Twitter will use Twitpic and load all the images for you, let's say your search might be "cats twitpic" and you will get tons of pictures of cats.

Now you can see how Twitter's advanced search tool can be used to market your products or services and these are just a few out there.

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