Even though I knew about coconut when I was forced to go completely dairy free 6 years ago I didn’t really know. I did not realize that how it could almost save the world from dairy-free dietary mediocrity. I refuse to abdicate my throne of creaminess. I gave up ice cream and I gave up milk chocolate. I wandered for years through a dairy-free wasteland seeking sweet morsels that melted in my mouth but would not be an eight-hour poison timebomb.

Coconut cream

If you buy premium cans of coconut milk, just put them in the fridge and the top third will be an almost ice cream like heavy cream that can be used as butter or shortening is used in most recipes, but with better effects on your health. Not only does it come with the dairy pain, it actually soothes the stomach and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.  You can also find cartons of coconut cream in some stores. I wait for a sale and then stock up as soon as I can get them for a buck each or three for five dollars at the most. We’re dealing with cans, take as many as you can get home with you.

Coconut milk smoothie

After you use the cream for all of your secret concoctions, use the milk for things like cereal and smoothies. Add the milk and fruit, blend, chug or sip.

Coconut cream ice cream shake

Use the cream for this one, or the whole can. Add frozen fruit and blend it well. It will turn out like a very thick ice cream shake. I like to add a scoop of protein or whole food powder as well.

Coconut caramel

This is the latest innovation in my dairy-free arsenal and it works great. Brown sugar, vegetable shortening and coconut cream and in ten minutes you can have caramel sauce that is really tough to find in a dairy free format.

Coconut hot cereal

Take hot buckwheat, millet grits, etc and add in fruit and coconut milk or cream instead of water to cook the cereal in. Creamy goodness. As mentioned above, coconut milk also really does work great (better than rice milk, for sure) poured onto cold cereal.

There are still a few projects I want to tackle such as gluten and dairy-free coconut chocolate bars. Think of how easy it ought to me to make dairy-free creamy chocolate. Why is it virtually impossible to find without dairy or traces of dairy? Coconut milk chocolate bars could be huge. I want one right now, actually.

If you have any other questions or dairy free desires, let me know and I will try to provide a recipe that shows that the creaminess can be hacked for almost any recipe without relying on any soy, gluten, or dairy. That’s right, no soy, either. My fall back creamy liquid if I need to add something to a recipe is hemp milk or Vance’s mixture. Coconut milk can be cheaper than both. It is healthier than both, too.