Couples costumes can be a big hit at parties. This ensures that your group has a cohesive look. It can also be a lot of fun to think outside the box and use household items to save money. You can get these kinds of outfits at online stores like and

1. Famous Duos

There are a lot of famous male and female couples from movies, history and literature. You could dress up as the president and first lady. You could also take inspiration from the classic play Romeo and Juliet. If there is a popular movie that's out, then consider the main characters. Make the same wardrobe choices and accessorize with a wig.

2. Classic Costumes

You can also go with classic Halloween costumes, such as a vampire, but just get both male and female versions. Usually the female costume will incorporate some kind of a short skirt. This is a way to get a matching outfit that people are still going to understand, even when you're not standing right next to each other. This is perfect if you have several different events to attend and you won't be at all of them together.

3. Fruit Baskets

Food pairings can be something that you just make out of a basic sweatshirt, sweat pants and t-shirt combination. You can use balloons or paint to act as the actual fruit. If you have an entire group you could dress up as a fruit basket. You could have a banana, grapes and an apple.

4. Food Pairings

Consider other classic food combinations that involve two items, such as toast and orange juice or eggs and bacon. You could also just go with a knife and fork inspiration. A lot of these oversized costumes can be difficult to walk in. You need to make sure that they are going to be functional enough to actually wear for long periods, especially if you are making it yourself. It's also important to consider the area where the party is because you don't want to take up too much space in cramped quarters.

5. Attic Inspiration

You probably already have a lot of matching outfits stored in the attic. You could go with a prom king and queen or even a bride and groom set. This is a chance to resurrect your favorite clothes from high school and then just pair them with over the top accessories to take it into more of a comical arena. For the 1970s, consider long blonde wigs for both genders. A 1980s version would use more of your natural hair that you can just curl or spike.

When you're in doubt, just try going with couples costumes that are very similar. This could even be the same costume--just use one in a different color palette.