Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a tangy, creamy, delicious alternative to standard yogurt. It cuts sugar in half, has next to no fat, and doubles the protein. Sounds like a win win right? The best thing about greek yogurt is that you can use it in a variety of ways and in a variety of dishes. Here are some of my personal favorites.


Creative Use 1: Mayo Substitute

Who doesn't like a delicous tuna or chicken salad sandwich? I personally get a craving for them every so often, but find that I can't scratch the itch because mayo doesn't fit into my healthy diet. By using greek yogurt I am getting a creamy fat free alternative to mayo. The tangy taste fills in great. Add your favorite meat and spices and slap it between two pieces of bread and you have yourself one amazing sandwich.


Creative Use 2: Smoothies

I am a smoothie junky! I love smoothies! Now that we have cleared that up I will let you in on a little secret, greek yogurt goes amazing with smoothies. I often exercise in the mornings. After my workouts I need a high-protein, quick breakfast that I can take on the go. My solution is always smoothies. Greek yogurt adds extra protein than standard yogurt. It also adds a creamy silky texture to the overall experience. I love to buy a big bag of frozen mixed berries and then I throw those in with nonfat plain greek yogurt and a little crystal lite lemonade for sweetness and blend to perfection. This tastes great on the go. If you don't like berries you can mix up what frozen fruit you use.

Sour Cream

Creative Use 3: Sour Cream Substitute

Who doesn't lik a dallop of sour cream on their taco or baked potato? Who doesn't like that creamy goodness oozing out of a steaming burrito? Ok, I guess there are a lot of people who don't like this, but there are equally a lot of people who want to get their sour cream buzz without adding the calories. Again you can turn to greek yogurt. Plain nonfat greek yogurt is going to have a similar consistency and taste to sour cream. If you were blindfolded you might not tell the difference. Use this in place of sour cream for a high protein low fat alternative on any dish.


Creative Use 4: Icecream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream! Icecream is a favorite of many Americans. Unfortunately, it can be super sweet and super fattening. Plus the price seems to be going up and up. One way around this is to buy an individual size plain nonfat greek yogurt. I always use plain because if there are flavors then there is a lot more added sugar. You mix a little milk with the yogurt until it is smooth. Add any berries or flavoring. I like blueberries in mine. You can also add strawberries or cocoa powder. You can also add a little sugar for sweetness. This is a high protein, lowfat option for icecream that is creamy and delicious.

Creative Use 5: Creamy Pasta Alfredo

I love alfredo sauce. If you were to mix some plain greek yogurt with parmesan cheese and spices you have the perfect mix for a creamy alfredo sauce. This sauce will be low fat and high protein. By adding grilled chicken you can have a complete nutritious meal that will feel very unhealthy. Greek yogurt can be used in any sauce recipe that calls for cream or cream cheese. It is the perfect substitute for a handful of dishes.