The fine art of watchmaking demands innovation and supreme craftsmanship . These two skills are always celebrated in the horological universe and rightly so. But the real doyens of this universe, the timepieces which have forced us look at our wrists differently, are not the modern day overly complicated watches that watchmakers dish out at different fairs , but are the enduring ones that have stood the test of time …………have amassed a global following and are craved by connoisseurs and regular wearers alike.


Conceived and designed by the iconic Gerald Genta in the 70’s ,the watch within a span of four decades has become the mainstay of AP collection .The standout iconic feature, its octagonal shape was inspired by the Royal Oak warships of the British Navy , after which it was named also . It was daring choice on the part of the company , Audemars PIguet in 1972 to launch Royal Oak – the first range of high end sports watches in steel.

With the passage of time different features – newer and bolder were added to the watch . Despite the manifold changes, the watch has always stayed true to its roots of being the complete man’s watch .


This reversible watch ,fittingly named Reverso , from the stables of JLC, holds its uniqueness even today.. It was conceived solely for the purpose of Polo Players in India in 1931. The watch’s reversible feature enabled protection to the dial and the movement from the rigours of Polo . Reverso’s features has not undergone any major changes over time , though nowadays it is primarily used to highlight secondary complications like moon phase , equation of time and a second time zone .


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner line of watches were designed for the purpose of deep sea diving and are globally renowned for their water resistance ability .Launched in 1954 in the Swiss Watch Fair, its sleek design, functionality, and an almost unbreakable construction ,caught the eye of everybody . The watch's hallmark design was shamelessly copied by watchmakers everywhere which triggered the launch of a plethora of cheap “me too “ products , hoping to ride piggyback on the Submariner’s success and cult following. Another major innovation that Rolex incepted in the Submariner line in 1960, was a helium release valve , a first of its kind


The world’s most famous chronograph introduced in 1957, Omega Speedmaster was the first watch that was flight qualified by NASA in 1965 to be used in all manned space explorations . It was the first watch that was taken to space in the same year and to the moon four years later .Till date it has retained its position of NASA’s only official watch to be exposed to space


The first square water resistant watch , sporting a Microrotor achieved cult status when Steve Mcqueen wore it in the movie Les Mans in 1971 . It was re launched in 1998 with overwhelming success, which conclusively proved Monaco is still one of the most coveted timepieces .








Rolex Submariner