If you have a small space or just want tea for two, then using a 5 cup whistling tea kettle can make a great addition to your kitchen, or a great gift idea.

There are many kettles on the market now that come in many different shapes and sizes.  You can get them stand alone and electric in many sleek designs, that are great for larger volumes of water.  You can also get microwave teapots that don't need to be plugged in and heat up 4 cups of water. 

But if you like the idea of heating your tea kettle on the stove element, but don't need to wait around for 10 cups of water to boil with those larger kettles, then you can consider this tea kettle and others such as the mini kettle that whistles also,  that all use 1.25 quarts of water (.25 quart = 1 cup).

When shopping for that mini kettle, consider that many will list it in quart size, and some will list it in cup size.  If you want a 5 cup one, then look for 1.25 quart capacity.

Having a kettle whistle is not just for fun and to let you know the water is at the right temperature for that perfect pot of tea, but it also reminds you that you have the kettle on the stove.  When you have a lot on the go, you can easily forget that it was on the stove at all, especially if you leave the room, unless you have a whistle on it.

My mother-in-law has burnt her fair share of kettles before a whistling one was purchased for her.  You can get soft whistles and louder ones, and some that sound like freight trains.

If your space is small or you simply have a two burner stove or a hot plate and just want a smaller sized one, then this kettle would work well for you.  You can fill it with small amounts of water without worry, compared to the larger sized ones.  5 Cup Whistling Tea Kettle

This particular one is a tough steel one that can survive the roughest of care.  You want to make sure that any kettle has a good solid bottom.  You will also want to consider giving it a good clean by boiling one part water with one part vinegar every so often if you have hard water.

5 Cup Whistling Tea Kettle

Just make sure and boil clean water afterwards.  Hard water build up (it will look white inside) can make your tea taste off, so have a good look in the kettle every few weeks (or more often if you have hard water) or consider using filtered water for a better tasting tea. 

Plus you don't want hard water steam building up in the whistle.  By boiling water and vinegar in this kettle you also clean the whistle!  If you get a good quality steel one, it will last for years.  You can get these in most kitchen supply stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon. 

A tea kettle that whistles can make a great gift for that tea lover in your family.


Pedrini Tea Kettle with Whistle
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this little one is cute too.