Winter sports enthusiasts will find that there are numerous options available to them. With extreme sports increasing in popularity, sports enthusiasts have an even greater array of choices. If you're new to the world of winter sports, it's easy to get started. There are schools that teach these sports. Most major ski resorts offer classes for snowboarding and other thrilling sports, in addition to skiing. Stores like and REI carry the equipment that you'll need. Here are five daring winter sports:

1. Ski Jumping

Ski jumping has been a very popular Olympic sport for many years. Most beginners won't want to start off on very large hills at first. Fortunately, it's easy to start with a smaller hill and work your way up. Once you've become comfortable with making jumps, you should be able to move up with confidence. Competition jumping can cover distances of 360 to 607 feet. It's important for ski jumpers to have an appropriate ski suit for jumping, since aerodynamics play an important role.

2. Snowboarding

This thrilling sport has been consistently growing in popularity. Many surfing or skateboarding enthusiasts find it to be a perfect winter alternative. It's a versatile sport that has several styles for enthusiasts to try out. Popular snowboarding styles include free-riding down a run or jibbing, which involves snowboarding down another surface, such as a half-pipe. Newcomers should spend some time getting used to balancing and steering their snowboard before trying any runs or jumps.

3. Tobogganing

While this is a popular winter sport for children, it has a lot to offer adults. You can find larger hills set aside for tobogganing in many parks. A toboggan can easily increase in speed due to the fact that it has very small or no runners. Tobogganing on a hill doesn't usually require special equipment besides your toboggan. Some winter sports parks have begun to offer man-made courses that provide a little more of a challenge. Some of these courses are very similar to a bobsled track.

4. Bobsledding

Bobsledding is a sport that has been very commonly associated with the Olympics. However, thrill seekers will be glad to know that there are bobsled tracks available to the public. The sled tracks are constructed of ice-coated concrete. Good tracks offer a mixture of labyrinth turns, as well as straight sections. Since the sleds are gravity-powered, you be going at high rates of speed. When actually using a bobsled, you'll need to have either two or four people on board.

5. Skijoring

This lesser-known winter sport is of Norwegian origin. A skier, outfitted with cross-country skis and poles, is pulled by a team of dogs. The dogs used are usually large hunting dogs with good energy levels. Some skijorers prefer equestrian skijoring, in which the skier is pulled by a single horse. This form of skijoring can even include jumps for a little extra challenge. Motor vehicles can also be used in this sport.