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In the dating world there are a lot of potential mates out there.  If you are a single parent you may find the dating scene a bit more challenging.  You are not only looking for a person that you can enjoy being around and falling in love with; you must also figure out how they will fit into your readymade family.  For many singles this can be a difficult.  By giving careful consideration to your needs as well as those of your child or children you can be successful.

  1.  Take Your Time.  Don’t be quick to get into a new relationship, especially if you just recently divorced or left a long term relationship.  Not only do you need time to heal from the break up, but your kids need time to heal as well.  Talk with them and make sure they understand that its not their fault and when you meet someone new, they will be loved and treated well.  This will help them to make the transition from old to new.
  2. Not in your home.  If you are not seriously dating anyone, don’t bring them to your home.  Before you allow anyone to gain an emotional attachment with your children you should understand where the relationship is headed.  Once the relationship serious enough; good communications between you, your new mate, and the children can make for a happy home.
  3. Listen to Your Children.  Kids have strong intuitions about people.  Don’t ignore your children if they seem uneasy around your new friend.  Pay attention to what could possibly be causing the concern.  If your kids seem fearful, unhappy or stressed around your new mate, something may be wrong.  Make sure the person you are involved with cares for your children.  If you have any cause to believe otherwise; break off the relationship immediately.
  4. New Mommy or New Daddy.  Many men and women feel as if they cannot function as a single parent and quickly look for a substitute for the parent that left the relationship.  Dating should not become a hunt for a replacement parent for your children.  No one wants to feel as if they are being used based on necessity.  Choose well and get to know the potential mate by asking those questions that would be important in their role to help with the kids.  This is not the priority, but it must be discussed.
  5. Respect.  Always treat your potential mate with respect around your children.  This will teach your kids how to behave inside their own relationships as adults.  Remember, kids are always watching to see what parents do and they pattern themselves after us.  Set a good example for them to follow.

Being single can be a great time in your life.  As a single parent you have to proceed with a bit more caution as you face the dating world again.  Give yourself time to get back into the swing of dating again and take time to get to know someone.  Move slowly and always keep your kids in mind when the relationship starts getting serious.  Just a few smart moves will not only give you a happily ever after, but also your children.