Dogs are man’s best friends.  They offer us love and companionship as well as lots of joy and laughter.  The type of breed that you get depends a lot on your personality and what type of environment you live in.  If you are shopping for a family pet you may want to take a look at some of the ones on the list below and to stay away from some of the others:

Border Collie(98692)
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1.       The Smartest -Border Collie.  According to Neuropsychologist, Dr. Stanley Coren, PHD., these dogs are the most intelligent of all dog breeds.   These are very energetic dogs that are always aware of their surroundings.  In competition sports this breed is often chosen to take part as they are most likely to win.  They get along well with children and other dogs, but are aggressive towards other male dogs in their species.  This is a service dog that needs something to do often to keep him occupied.  The owner of this breed must show leadership and sternness with him or he will easily take over.  Be Warned:  This is not a dog for owners that don’t have time to work with them as they can become quite temperamental if left alone for long periods of time.  They are known to be very demanding of their owners.  These dogs instinctively herd and may attempt to do this with children and strangers.  You must let them know this is not acceptable.  For the busy family or the family with small children, pick another breed.

Afghan Hound
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2.      The Dumbest -The Afghan Hound.  These dogs are aloof, very sweet, and have a low level dominance and  are courageous.  They are considered a majestic and noble animal.  This breed tends to be cautious of people they don’t know but not aggressive.  They are one of the most difficult breeds to housebreak and are quite disobedient if proper training has not taken place.  Their training and discipline must be consistent to reap any results.  They do best with older children and those adults with reserved leadership abilities.  These happy-go-lucky, silly dogs are just what a hardworking owner needs at the end of the day.

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3.      The Most Dangerous-Pit Bull-Throughout the world this breed is known as the deadliest dog breed alive.  Their personalities are aggressive and strong with little fear of anything.  The owner of this breed must be very informed about their nature and willing to train or get help training this dog to protect themselves and the dogs as well.  These dogs must never be left unleashed to roam about as they have a very high prey drive and may give chase and attack people as well as other dogs.   This can happen even if the dog is not provoked.  This dog is for a strong person that will respect the natural instinct of this dog.  The duty of this owner is to protect the dog and the public.

English Mastiff
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4.      Largest –English Mastiff-This is a very muscular powerful breed yet gentle giant.  They are known as the silent guard dogs.  Instead of barking at an intruder they will lay on them or keep them cornered.  These dogs will always come to your rescue if they sense trouble.  They are intelligent and even-tempered which make them great dogs for families with children.  Please note that this breed tends to drool a lot and are difficult to train.  The owner of this dog must be calm and self-assured and let them know that the owner is the leader of the pack.  This helps to keep the Mastiff in his place.

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5.      Strangest-Affenpinscher-This breed is known as the “Monkey” breed because of its appearance.  These little dogs are fun-loving and mischievous.  They are great pets for small apartments.  They are very territorial about their toys so they are not ideal pets for smaller children.    Due to their size, older kids have to be taught how to handle them so they are not accidentally hurt.  Their play and exercise time is handled inside as they don’t require as much attention as some breeds.  The owner of this little dog needs to be firm yet fun.

          If you are looking for a dog that is a companion and friend to your family; there are various breeds to choose from.  From the smartest to the strangest breeds there is one out their just right for you.   Make sure you learn as much as you can about the temperament  before your buy one.  The best part of having a dog is having that unconditional love that only they can offer.  Think about your family’s lifestyle and make the choice that will work best for everyone.