A Beginners Guide To Creating A Website

5 Steps Towards Success & Sustainability

For a lot of people, I find that one of the biggest hurdles in deciding to start a website or an online business simply not knowing how to get started.  I too shared this worry and concern less that a month ago when I decided to create a website, but with some help and research I was able to get started and now I am learning at an unbelievable rate!  So to try to share this feeling of excitement and motivation I created a post on my website that outlined what my first weekend was like and what I had learned so far.  Below are 5 steps that I came up with which I think will help anybody that wants to start a blog, a website, an online business, etc.  I hope they help a little and if you have any questions feel free to contact me or look me up at NewBizVision!


  • Step onebuy a domain name and pay for hosting.  I use bluehost.com and recommend you do as well because it is VERY EASY to understand and very inexpensive.  There are many other hosting and domain name services like Dreamhost and GoDaddy but I think that Bluehost is the best bang for your buck!


  • Step two- INSTALL WORDPRESS!!! I can not stress this enough because what WordPress does is  allows anybody to add themes to their websites that are very customize-able and allow using things such as widgets, plugins, etc.  It basically provides easy-to-use buttons in lieu of coding.  One great thing about WordPress is that you can eventually use widgets and sidebars to get into affiliate marketing which is one way to generate online income!  I will eventually do a post on what I learn about affiliate marketing but until then I recommend you google and check out Corbett Barr’s “Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Course” which does cost money but even the page just discussing the course has a ton of great info!


  • Step threeFind a theme that works for what you are trying to create.  There are a ton of themes that WordPress offers and there are also a whole bunch more that are available online by just searching Google.  But what I meant by finding a theme that works for what you are trying to create is if you are creating a business site don’t install a theme geared towards creating a family photo album.  WordPress allows you to search for themes by keyword, color, layout, etc.  Take advantage of that FREE tool!


  • Step four- Add content to your site that at least makes it look legitimate (even if the substance isn’t there yet).  Something that really put a dampener on my excitement and motivation to work on NewBizVision.com was when I would look at my site and it seemed so bare.  It still has a lot to go but just by adding a few pages up top (very easy with WordPress) such as an about page, a contact page, and something creative like a model sites page my website began to look “OFFICIAL”.  Try to focus on the look of the site at first and then go back and add substance to your content.  Trust me it was easier this way then trying to go one item at a time and adding a bunch of information at once.  Some people do recommend just getting content up and then worry about how it looks but think of it this way: Would you stay on a site with a bunch of words and no color, no images, nothing to catch your eye?  Probably not.


  • Step five-Put your site out there and be open to all comments that come your way.  This was by far the hardest part of my first weekend.  I put a ton of time and effort into my blog but I was so scarred of what others would think, I didn’t want to show anybody.  However, when I finally let people see it and posted it on social media sites I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback.  Most of my friends and family knew that this was a new adventure for me and they were very impressed with what I had so far.  The other HUGE motivation/confidence boost was when I asked my “online business idol” Pat Flynn from The $mart Passive Income Blog over twitter to check out my site he responded with this, @Bfalco126 Nice Brandon :)  Looks a lot better than the theme I had when I first started, hehe. Keep up the great work!” .  And just for anybody that doesn’t believe me here is a screenshot from my iPhone!  All I did was ask and this was my result.




So there you have it.  Those are Five steps that I think will help anybody that is new to the web creation world or maybe on the fence about starting a site.  I really hope these help you a bit and I would love to hear what you think or even just for you to say hi!  Thanks for reading my very first infobarrel article and keep an eye out for more to come!