If you have a son, brother, or boyfriend (or a boy who is a friend) in their teens you may have a tough time thinking of a good Christmas gift for them. So its a Walmart gift card and socks year after year. No worries, there are plenty of gifts out there that will make you their favourite relative and/or favourite person ever! Most are even within a reasonable budget.

5. MP3 Player

You can get an ipod or Zune for a reasonable amount of money at any electronics store. Be sure to check if he has one already, because in this case 'more the merrier' isn't exactly true. If you are on a lower budget, an ipod shuffle ($49) or ipod nano ($149) will work fine. If you want to spend a little more, you can either upgrade the memory on the shuffle or nano or purchase an ipod touch ($229). You can also grab an itunes gift card from $10 - $50 so he can buy some new songs as well. I do not recommend buying songs for him unless you know his music taste extremely well, he may not appreciate your music taste as much as his own.

4. Portable Gaming System

For a teen guy, your best bet is a PSP. You can purchase a PSP 3000 or PSP Go. They are very similar but the 3000 uses disks and downloads, while the Go only uses downloadable games but is smaller and lighter. Also, you can buy a Nintendo DSi for a little less money. This has a touch screen and camera, and is great for a younger teen or Nintendo fan boy. At this time, a DSi may not be a smart buy as the 3DS is about to be released and prices will most likely drop on the DSi. Most portable gaming systems will retail for about $150 - $200 depending on region and availability.

3. Books

Be careful with this one, some boys don't enjoy reading. The ones that do will certainly enjoy Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Both series are very popular and you will have no issues finding them at your local bookstore. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling consists of seven books, and the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins consist of three parts. They are both books full of adventure and fantasy, great reads for all ages of teens. Other young-adult fiction books include Artemis Fowl and Lord of the Rings. Books will only cost you $10 - $30 each.

2. Game Station

Every guy loves videogames, but if they don't have a a game station to play then you should definitly pick one up for them. The main three gaming consoles are the Playstation, Xbox, and Wii. The Xbox and Playstation are very similar but you need to pay for Xbox live while PS3 internet play is free. A Wii will be much more family friendly and is great for younger teens and mario fans. A Game console will cost anywhere from $200-$400 or more.

1. Black Ops

The latest edition of Call of Duty, pretty much every teenage boy will enjoy this gift. Be warned, CoD Blackops is rated M for Mature and is not suitable for young teens below 17. It will require a PS3 of Xbox 360 to play this game, which leads me to the next gift. Blackops will cost about $60

So there you have it! Five gifts that will make you the favourite aunt or uncle!