Organic search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic a website can get. This is because, aside from the fact that it's free, organic traffic is extremely targeted. Unlike traffic from banner ads and pop-ups, organic search engine traffic comes from people (i.e. consumers and potential clients/customers) going online and actively looking for your business's specific goods and services. Search engine optimization is about making your website more visible in online search results, so that people looking for content related or specific to your site can find you more easily. Here are 5 SEO strategies that will help boost your search engine rankings.

1. Tagged Images and Videos
Video and image searches are becoming more popular. A search engine cannot view an image or video and determine what it's about, though. Images and videos are recognized by engines according to the alt tags attached to them. Take advantage of this by inserting target keywords into image and video alt tags. It will improve your web page's keyword density and boost your ranking.

2. Title and Description Tags
Include your target keywords in your title and description tags more than once. Writing your website's URL or "Welcome to my Site" as your title tag will do little to help your search engine rankings. Optimizing your title and description tags is especially important since keyword tags are not given as much weight by search engine as they were before. For additional information on title and descriptions contact your local Seattle SEO company.

3. Placement of Navigational Links
As you probably know, the first 100 words of a webpage are given special weight during online searches. Because search engines read your page left to right, having your navigational links on the left can get in the way of your optimized title and first paragraphs from getting exposure. Place your navigational links on the right side or the bottom of your website.

4. Focus Keywords at Top and Bottom of Pages
The first 100 are not the only ones given extra weight by search engines. The bottom section of the page is also emphasized. So make sure to include the keywords you want to target at both the top and bottom of the page. A good strategy is to insert them in the footer.

5. Anchor Text
Anchor text is the text within a page's content that links to other web pages. Rather than using the common "click here" phrase for anchor text, optimize your anchor text by including keywords. Make sure that they fit naturally, however, and use variations of them. If a search engine perceives that all your anchor links are the same, it will give them less weight.