Happy Person

How to become happier with yourself

The True Art of Happiness

As the Dalai Lama once said "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive".  Unless you're a disturbed sociopath, it will require genuine love and compassion for the majority to feel truly happy and fulfilled. I would be greatly amazed to meet someone that can successfully do it alone.  To attain genuine and lasting happiness, one has to learn to let others in, and to always keep an open mind.

#1 Learn to Accept Help and Support

Quite possibly the biggest factor that contributes to overcoming hardships, and invoking change within oneself is having support.  Surround yourself with good people, with good intentions. People that you can trust, that you can confide in--family, friends, and those you might look up to. I believe no matter what phase one's life is in, they should have a mentor they can look to, for clarity and guidance.

Maybe even even join a support group. In the information age, it's easier that ever to find the appropriate support group for your specific needs. Don't isolate yourself, always accept support, especially if you need it. It's natural to feel hesitant in accepting assistance for many people.  It's hard to admit to ourselves that we can no longer bear the weight alone. They believe it to be a sign of personal failure or weakness.  In reality, this is a very ridiculous notion in my opinion, everyone needs a helping hand every now and then.

#2 How to Drop the Ego for a Happier Life

Allowing my ego to determine my decisions and paths in life has never worked out well, ever. You will learn to accomplish any task better, sans ego. People will be more open with you, if you're not bringing around an air of condescension. Never allow your ego to cloud your chance for new opportunities and new connections, with new people. Have a genuine interest in others, and I assure you, it will do wonders for your social and personal life.

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3. How to be Truthful to Yourself and Others

It's human nature to lie, studies show individuals lie 20-30 times, daily. But being dishonest with yourself will not behoove you in life. Allowing yourself to be disillusioned by your own dishonestly will keep you in a state of self ordained stagnation. Know your faults, and address them head-on. Be straight with yourself, don't give in to fear of really knowing who you are, and the things you want to change. 

#4 How Important is it to Set Goals in Life?

Writing down your goals will help you visualize them, turning them into doable tasks that are waiting to be crossed off the list. Start with the small, short term goals, this will boost and build up your confidence. Your resolve for accomplishing your goals(no matter how big/small) will have fundamental, positive changes in your life.

I, personally like to share my goals with my friends, it gives me an incentive to prove that I can do it. In this case, it's productive to have "something to prove". Even if it is to spite your friends. But Ideally, they'll "have your back" in regards to achieving something positive in your life. Individuals who learn to cultivate a lifestyle of goal setting and attaining those goals, perpetuate their life with ongoing happiness.

#5 The Importance of Being Respectful to Others

When I started showing the appropriate amount of respect to others, I started receiving it back in spades. Respect is a powerful tool in how people regard and treat you. When you gain a genuine respect for others, and yourself, a greater sense of contentment and happiness will be revealed.  Without having respect for others, it's difficult, if not impossible for anyone to have and show you respect.