Slim Down the Easy Way

Eat Healthy and Slim Down

Lose Weight Naturally and Slim Down

Many dieters looking to lose weight want a quick fix to slimming down. However, wasting time on fad diets won’t give dieters the results they truly desire: long term weight loss. To slim down for long term results, how about trying to lose weight naturally by following the basic weight loss formula instead of trying the newest fad diet?

The weight loss formula is easy…simply eat fewer calories than you burn.

That’s it!

However, if you prefer a guideline on how to lose weight naturally, follow these 5 easy weight loss tips below.

1. Eat Less: Again, the basic weight loss formula is to eat fewer calories than you burn. No need to cut out bread, steer clear of butter and good oils (like olive oil), or to eat only meat. Just simply eat less. However, you do want to make it a point to cut down on foods high in sugar, calories, and fat. Any extra calories in your diet your body does not need or consuming too much sugar and fat can lead to unwanted weight gain. Therefore, be mindful of the types of food you eat (like junk food and fast food) and begin to learn how to lose weight naturally by eating less.


2. Eat Healthier: Sure eating less can help a dieter to slim down, but why not take it a step further by making it a habit to eat healthier too? For example, increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, eat more leans meats, fresh fish, whole grains, legumes, and once more, limit your intake of foods high in sugar, calories, and fat. At the end of the day, losing weight really boils down to the kinds of food you eat. Accordingly, take an opportunity to learn how to eat healthier as a lifestyle change instead of treating it as a onetime event that you find on fad diets.


3. Drink More Water: Do you ever read the nutrition label on the back of your foods? How about on the back of your beverages? One can of soda for instance, can be as high as 160 calories. Drink 2 of those per day and that’s an extra 2,240 calories per week. On the other hand, if you replaced drinking 2 cans of soda per day with a glass of water, you could lose up to 2.56 pounds per month. Multiply that by 12 months and that’s 30.72 pounds lost in one year! All from simply replacing a high calorie beverage with water. If your goal is to slim down, then choosing to drink a glass of water instead of a sugary beverage is a wiser choice.


4. Exercise More: There are many health benefits of exercising and maintaining weight (which is what you want for successful weight loss) is one of them. Therefore, to slim down and keep the weight off long term, be sure to exercise more. However, if you dread the idea of working out, then I recommend exercising with a friend. It’s fun! Besides, even if you can’t find someone to exercise with, who says you have to go inside a gym to get in a good work out? There are other activities you can do to burn excess calories for fat loss like hiking, biking, swimming, dancing, cycling, and rollerblading to name a few. If you desire to lose weight even faster, be sure to strength train with weights because lean muscle burns more fat.


5. Regularly Weigh Yourself: It’s not necessary to weigh yourself everyday or even every week and obsess over the numbers on the scale. However, you do want to regularly use a scale as a weight loss tool to help ensure you DIDN’T gain weight. Unfortunately, as you embark on your weight loss journey to slim down, there will be some weeks where you won’t lose a single pound. That’s OK and therefore, no need to get alarmed. As long as you didn’t gain any weight, you are making great progress! That’s one of the secrets of thin people and why they are able to stay so thin year after year. They regularly weigh themselves as a means of weight control. Consequently, if a thin person notices they have gained a few unwanted pounds, they quickly take action by doing the weight loss tips mentioned above and slim back down to their desired size and weight.

Now you try it!

Simply follow the 5 easy weight loss tips mentioned in this article to slim down and lose weight naturally for long term results.

Good Luck!