Biking is a fun and healthy activity that everybody, aside from tree huggers and environmentalists, can enjoy. However, despite the almost limitless benefits of biking, just like any other form of land transportation, bicycles are not accident-proof.

In United States, hundreds of bicyclists get killed every year due to road accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009, at least 600 cyclists got involved in fatal traffic accidents. In a separate study conducted by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), about 700,000 people were injured in bicycle accidents in the past decade.

Although bicycle accidents are relatively common in the country, Los Angeles bicyclists should not be discouraged because there are ways they can do to avoid getting involved in fatal road accidents. The following are suggested safety tips for Los Angeles cyclists in avoiding traffic mishaps:

1. Ride sober – Drinking and riding is not a good idea for riders to consider, and actually do. Alcohol can impair a cyclist’s riding skills and logical thinking that can cause him or her to get involved in a serious bicycle accident.

2. Use helmet for protection – Bicycle helmets are proven to be useful in preventing serious head injuries when a cyclist gets involved in an accident. Although there is no law requiring California adult cyclists to wear helmet, common sense dictates that it is a must to wear head protection while riding to avoid serious head injuries when an accident happens.

3. Ride on wide roadways – Los Angeles cyclists are advised to avoid riding on narrow roadways or streets because getting hit by a car is more likely to happen on such areas.

4. Arm your bicycle with the right equipment – It is strongly suggested to bicycle riders to arm their bicycles with appropriate safety equipment. Installing safety devices like side mirrors, headlights, rear lights, and honk on bicycle can help cyclists maximize their safety while riding.

5. Observe traffic rules – Even though bicycles are smaller than motor vehicles, their operators are not exempted from traffic rules. Cyclists must adhere to all traffic rules at all times to avoid traffic tickets, fines, and most of all, accidents.

Los Angeles bicycle riders who get injured in a traffic accident are advised to file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party involved.

Under California tort law, bicycle accident victims can be entitled to personal injury compensations provided that they are not at fault when the accident occurred. It is greatly advisable for personal injury claimants in Los Angeles to hire a Los Angeles injury lawyer who can represent them before insurance companies and legal counsels of the liable party.