The internet gives you access to more information than any generation before us, but there is also a shady underside to all of this. Money scams have been around as long as money has, but they seem to be filling up the internet faster than anywhere else! These people are looking to prey on people that are turning to then internet to make money, and will leave you with nothing but an empty checking account and a bad taste in your mouth. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to spot the ones that are out to get you, and the tips in this article will show you just that.

The most important thing that you can do when trying to get money fast is to use your instincts. If something seems fishy or unrealistic, it probably is! Money is never free, and if it was it would be completely worthless! One good thing about all of this is that these sites that are out to get you are going to share some characteristics among them. Once you know what to look for with these online fast cash sites, you'll quickly know when to hit the back button! The major characteristics are as follows.

1. Claims that you can make a huge amount of money without having to actually do anything is the biggest thing to watch out for. It takes work to make money on the internet, and anyone who claims otherwise is out to get you! The problem is that this is the easiest scam to fall for since everyone wants money for free.

2. Watch for over the top testimonials. The people that create these programs know that consumers fall for testimonials, so they go out of their way to have a ton of them on their sites. Testimonials don't always equal scams, but more often than not these are all fake. Use common sense to figure out if they sound realistic.

3. If the "free" program that you're interested turns out to not really be "free", run away. This is generally a scam to steal your credit card info.

4. Watch for claims that would be pretty hard to back up. The guys that create these sites are all great writers, and can convince you of their promises that you normally wouldn't buy into.

5. Finally, if you get a pop up ad that tries to keep you on the site when you try and leave, just leave! This is one of the most obvious things to watch out for!

Above all else, you have to trust your inborn instincts. You have these for a reason, and if something doesn't seem right, move on. There are legit ways out there to make money online, but you'll have to wade through some garbage first to find them!