There are some ways you can get on TV or the movies these days without having to rely on your acting skills. Don't expect to begin a rich and famous movie or television star from these types of appearances, but go ahead and enjoy the 15 minutes. You never know what could happen. Maybe you'll get "discovered" or asked to participate a little more in the show. Then again, maybe it will just come and go. Either way you'll still have some memories and something to tell the kids and grandkids. No matter what happens, here are the easiest ways to get on TV or become a movie star.

Pawn Stars

You have a couple of ways to get on the show without the casting auditions. First up is by simply visiting the shop. It is entirely possible to be on reality TV by simply showing up in the background. Not much fun, huh? Let's take it a step further, but stop short of a reality TV show audition.

On Pawn Stars, you can actually contact Leftfield Pictures, the producers of the show, and let them know exactly what kind of item you may have. The contact is through email, so it's not quite a casting audition. If you have something very unique or something that would cause people to take notice, you may be able to become an actor, so to speak, on a reality show. It's worth a shot.

Antiques Roadshow

You can check out the schedule for the Antiques Roadshow to find out when and if they will be in your area. If you have an item that's very high end, you may be able to get on the show. Of course, few of us actually have super valuable are antiques. How are we supposed to become a TV star this way? Well, you can embellish. Try to make your personality what makes them feature you on the show. This program won't deal with loud mouth fools, but they will feature people that are energetic. It may even pay off to do you r own casting audition of sorts and pretend you feel the item you have is worth tons of money, when it's really not.


You could be an infomercial star. You could be in the background or even provide a testimonial. If you happen to be in the area when they are filming an infomercial or other show, go ahead and sit in on the audience. If you are able to, sit up near the front of the audience, so you are on the program each time they pan the audience. Be sure to show emotion and excitement for the project they are peddling. This one is sort of acting heavy, so consider it an audition for TV.

Game Shows

You can become a TV star in your own right through game shows. Generally speaking, most game shows take casting audition tapes. Make up a video of yourself. Talk about how much you want to be on the show. Have you ever noticed how some of the people features on these shows are a little over the top with their personalities? There's a reason for this. You are trying to appeal to producers of a television show. They look for personalities that will capture attention on the screen. Show your wild and crazy side and you just may become a reality TV star. Some people actually do ride this wave a make a career out of it. Many of the top TV and movie stars did a game show or other reality program to get started.

Background Shots

Sometimes you can get on background shots for movies or television by simply showing up in the audience. Several Nickelodeon shows, for example, provide some level of audience participation. This could end up being your ticket to getting on television.

The movies can be a little harder, but a nice, no pay included background shot, could be the break you are looking for. Some studios, like Universal, have been known to allow people in from time to time during movie filming. They use the people for background shots, especially for crowds of people. You never know, you could end up being the one noticeable when you watch the movie. Generally speaking, there are no casting auditions for these types of roles. It could be a great way to get on TV or the movies and become a star in your own world.

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