Money has always been an issue with people. It comes, it goes. Unfortunately, it's a lot easier for it to go than it is for it to come. Most of the time our pockets are empty. So are our wallets. That can get extremely annoying, especially if u have plans to go out with someone special or to hang out with your friends. It can also be really embarrassing at times. Like when your friend asks you to lend him or her a few dollars and you say "I'm sorry, I can't" which either makes it look like you don't want to give them money, or you're broke.

However, there are a few simple techniques that you can follow that will help you fill up your pockets in not time. You can use these techniques to earn fast cash. Though you must keep in mind that earning fast cash is a limited experience. You won't always find a way to fill up your wallet. One of these simple ways is to sell a gadget you have and no longer need or use. Like cell phones, or ipods, or old computers etc.

Selling is one of the quickest ways to earn someone the money they need quick. You can even sell some books you have. If you have finished college and still have them you can get a lot of money for them if you sell them to the right person. Another technique you can do online is to do the online surveys. What they do is give you their products and pay you for your opinion. It is as simple as that! You don't even have to leave your home. Usually this stuff is sent to you via mail and you give the company your opinion on their product and they pay you instant cash for it too. Pretty cool huh?

You can also do something else online that not many people know about. All you need to do is take a few photos (though they have to be clear and of good quality) and sell them on the internet. Just make sure that they are related to some sort of subject and it has to be obvious too. It can be anything. From drinking a cup of coffee to a dirty car. People pay for these kind of photos as they are used in websites, blogs etc.