PGR Systems
  1. Keep Up with the latest trends.  Don’t discount the newest thing just because you think it’s a fad or you haven’t figured out how to use it for your business.  (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, geo-location tracking, etc.)  Sing up for the service (most are free!), figure out how to use it and see how you can put it to use to benefit your business. Not only will this expand your reach, but you won’t get left behind as the trends continue to change.   
  2. Get out and about. Taking the time to get out and meet people is one of the very best ways you can help your company grow.  Talk to people everywhere you go – it doesn’t always have to be “business talk” although most conversations will allow you mention what you do for a living and might turn their naturally.  Attend conferences, workshops and conventions where you can mingle with people in your own line of business as well as people from other fields.  As you network with these individuals think about how your businesses could mutually benefit each other and open new doors of business! 
  3. Always be thinking ahead. As a business owner, there is never a time where you shouldn’t be looking ahead. Whether it be an upcoming event, potential difficulty, or even a budding opportunity – you should always have your eyes open for things that may be lying ahead.  The minute you become distracted or complacent with where you are, you’ll find that opportunities might be passing you by.
  4. Some things you just need to break down and purchase.  As an entrepreneur, you may have the mindset that you can do anything better than the next person.  However, sometimes it is wise to utilize the efforts and hard work of others.  Some things –like putting together a marketing plan – are better done by you, while other things – like inventory management software, for example, are simply easier when done by someone else.
  5. Get organized. Nothing slows the growth of a business down like disorganization.  Getting your business in smooth running condition isn’t impossible, it just takes a little work on your part.  Start small, clean out desk drawers, crowded office space, etc. and then move to larger things like company records, inventory, etc.