Yes there are people that want to sell you fake Beats by Dr Dre Headphones. The sooner you accept that the sooner we can move on and I can teach you what to look for so that you don’t get ripped off.

If you bought a pair of Beats for a really good deal chances are you bought a pair of look-a-likes.

Here are 5 easy ways to spot fake Beats before you even open the box.

1.) Contrast of Colors

Remember we’re looking at the box here. The real Beats the colors are more exact. The fake Beats you will notice the colors look faded out. This is true for the picture of the headphones on the front and the back of the box.

2.) Look at the Neck

Turn your Beats box to the side and look at Dr Dre’s picture. If you are looking at a fake Beats by Dr Dre box you won’t be able to see his neck. On the real box the picture is a lot lighter and his neck will show up.

3.) Grooves vs Flush

Look at the top of the box. If you have a real pair of Beats you will notice a small groove on the top of the box. If you bought a fake it’s going to look more flush and there will be no grooves.

4.} Pay Attention to the Notices

Turn the box to the other side and look for the 1 year limited warranty notice. Usually if you buy a pair of fakes you won’t see the “2 AAA Batteries” and “Airline Adapter” notices. I don’t know how the fake producers could miss that one. That’s a dead giveaway.

Now some fakes will have the notices, but again just look for the contrast of colors. The real Beats the letters will be very bold whereas the fakes the letters will look more faded out.

I hope this article helps you guys out when you are picking out your Beats headphones. Just remember if you have a deal sitting in front of you that seems to good to be probably is.