Making your windows work for your home's interior design is not too difficult. Too often, people prefer to leave their windows as plain, practical features of their homes without taking advantage of the decorative potential they possess. Windows naturally stand out and are give ambiance and attitude to a room. Check out the following five window treatment tips and see how you can turn your windows into valuable decorative assets.

Bright colors
A lot people like to play it safe when it comes to choosing colors for their window frames and drapes. It's true that neutral colors a safe bet, but well chosen, bright color combinations actually make a room look better, giving it vibrancy and style. So don't be afraid of bright colors. A good way to start is to pick two colors from opposite sides of the color wheel. A honeycomb gold, for example, can go very well with a deep aubergine.

Corner windows
If you have a room with two corner windows divided by a strip of wall space, you can maximize their effect by installing panels or drapes that converge at that corner wall space. By covering up that strip of corner wall, the panels/drapes will have the effect of making the two corner widows feel connected, so that they will seem like one large, continuous corner window.

You can also liven up your window by using texture, even if you stick with the neutral colors. Cream and earthy colored curtains, for example, can be given some attitude by mixing fabrics. A smooth silk paired with georgette fabric will make curtains feel layered and rich.

Small windows count
Small windows can sometimes look unattractive. But they don't have to be if you know how to decorate them the right way. Try installing window panels that begin well above the window and end below it. They should be a bit wider than the window as well. The effect is to make the windows, even if they're small windows, feel larger and more dramatic.

Design in stages
Chances are that the window design of your dreams will be pretty expensive. If you can't afford those luxury drapes or brass carpet rods yet, start with the basics. Good privacy and lighting control is the first thing on the list. Get a set of good blinds and curtains that you can then start adding features to as it becomes affordable.