Why not incorporate yoga routines as a part of your average workday?

Today, a lot of people have jobs that require that they sit down in front of a desk most of the day. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours, you might be aware that a bad posture and repetitive movements can make the muscles especially in the back and neck areas tighten up and get sore. Eventually, it might lead to back pain and repetitive stress injuries.

Why use yoga at work?

Yoga is a very effective, but gentle way to release stress from the body. It releases tension built up in the muscles and it stimulates the blood flow. It does not require you to warm up beforehand, and you wont need any equipment. You can even stay seated in your chair! This makes yoga an ideal type of exercise to perform at work.

Using just a few minutes every couple of hours during your workday, doing a few or all of the following easy-to-do exercises will help you reduce stress and increase your productivity while at work.

1. Neck rolls

Sit up straight in your chair and gently close your eyes. Let your chin fall down on your chest just by the weight of our head, without pressing it down.

Let the right ear fall down towards the right shoulder and then start cirling your head all the way round until your left ear is right above your left shoulder. Keep your shoulders relaxed.

This exercise will help you relax the muscles in your neck. Avoid dropping your head backwards as this might damage your neck.


2. Cat-cow stretch, desk version

Sit up straight in your chair with both feet on the floor, resting your hands on your knees.

While inhaling, you arch your back and look up. Exhaling, you round the spine while dropping the head down towards your knees.

This exercise will release tension from your back.


3. Seated forward bend

Use the seated forward bend to release tension from your shoulder area.

Push your chair a little away from your desk and sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Interlace your fingers behind your back and stretch the arms.

Now, you fold yourself forwards from the waist, making your interlaced fingers stretch upwards above your back. Rest your chest on your knees.


4. Seated spinal twist

This exercise will help you relax your whole spine.

First, turn to one side so that you are sitting sideways in your chair, with both feet on the floor. Next, you twist your upper body towards the back of the chair while holding the back with both hands. Then sit with your legs to the other side of the chair and repeat.


5. Wrist stretch

Spending the day tapping away on a keyboard might cause stress and pain to your wrists.

To release some of this stress, stand up and turn your hands so that your wrists face your computer while your fingertips grab the edge of the desk. Lean into your wrists to extend the stretch.

If you feel any pain while doing this, release your wrists. It shouldn’t hurt – this might strain the tendons in the wrists.