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Credit: miwashin

Being in love is easy, being in a relationship takes work but being romantic during an engagement is a two person job. Some people think that the proposal is the apex of dating, and it is. It's the ultimate moment, a genuine expression of love, but it doesn't mean that dating ends; if anything it changes. You are now a super couple, planning the biggest day of your young adult lives. But you can't postpone every romantic urge until that day. No, you have to work to keep romance alive by creating as many special moments as possible. Now this doesn't mean you have to go ultra cheesy about it and throw rose pedals in front of your loves every step. No, not at all. But a weekly date can go a long way to remind a couple of how special they are to each other. Here are a few date ideas that will keep your fiance(e) on his/her toes.

1. Have a picnic. There is nothing like laying on a blanket in a green park with your lover laying her head on your chest. It's at moments like these where your mind forgets the stresses of life and you're reminded how simple love is. Of how perfectly her hand fits in yours, and how cozy his arms feel. You remember, in ways we oft forget in an engagement, how sweet it is to be in love. A picnic is a great way to strip it all back to the basics and rediscover how amazing your partner is.

2. Plan a day trip. Jump on a train and go downtown, hop in the car and drive to the mountains, the lake or the beach. Do some research and find a cool museum, a great restaurant and make a day of it. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to be well planned. You have to make an effort. By showing your partner that you put time and effort into this perfect day he or she will appreciate your thoughtfulness and feel special. The key is to always keep your fiancé(e) guessing.

3. A surprise gourmet dinner for two. Now this one will take a lot of work but it's totally worth it. Here's what you do; plan an extravagant dinner pulling out all the stops. We're talking three courses, hors d'oeuvre, wine, incredible entre (lobster, fillet mignon, etc...), and of course a sintilating rich dessert. Turn your apartment into a dream date with flowers, candles the right music. You can even hire a wait-staff of friends if you want to go the extra mile. Take it to the next level. Even if you're on a wedding budget this can totally work, just be creative. Simple elegance. As with all these tips, make sure it's well planned. The romance is in the details. 

4. Plan a sport outing. If you're an active couple this is a no brainer. Go to the driving range, set a weekly tennis match, go running or hiking together. By staying active together you create habits and continue to bond in the way that will last throughout your marriage. Remember, this person is your best friend and friendships last because of shared experiences. 

By dating your fiancé(e) you establish early on that you are willing to put in the necessary work to keep the romance alive. And that's important. A long, healthy relationship comes from building habits of love and affection. Never stop caring, always show your love and treat your soon to be spouse that he/she is the most important person in your life.