Museums are a great way to explore the history of our country. They usually have things like civil ware paintings, collectibles, and artifacts.  If you happen to be near one of these five museums, check them out!

National Civil War Museum

The museum, located in Harrisburg, PA, has a collection of over 24,000 artifacts. This museum covers a large period of time, from 1850 – 1876. The museum experience is set up like a time line, so you can understand it in a chronological way. The collection portrays, not only the soldier’s life, but that of all the people during this time.


Link: National Civil War Museum
Hours: Mon-Tue & Thur-Sat: 10am-5pm
Wed: 10am-8pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm
Price: Adult/$10 Seniors/$9 Students/$8

One Lincoln Circle at Reservoir Park
Harrisburg, PA 17103
(717) 260-1861

Civil War Soldier

The Texas Civil War Museum

The Texans are proud to display over 15,000 square feet of artifacts and lay claim to the largest Civil War museum west of the Mississippi River. It is separated into three sections: Civil War Collection, Victorian Dress Collection, and United Daughters of the Confederacy Texas Confederate Collection. Its focus is the role that Texas played in the civil war. They welcome school groups and even have educational resources.


Link: Texas Civil War Museum
Hours: Tues-Sat: 9am-5pm
Price: Adult/$6 Students(7-12)/$3 Under 6/Free
School Groups Welcome

760 Jim Wright Freeway North
Fort Worth, TX 76108
(817) 246-2323

Confederate Memorial Hall Museum

The Confederate Memorial Hall has been open for over 120 years. Since 1891, they have held one of the largest collections of Confederate artifacts from the Civil War era. The Memorial Hall was brought together by several Confederate veteran associations and was built out of a love for the South. The building is an architectural beauty! You might even learn more about Confederate Memorial Day!


Link: Confederate Memorial Hall Museum
Hours: Tue-Sat: 10am-4pm
Price: Adult/$8 Children(7-14)/$5 Under 7/Free
School Groups Welcome

929 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 523-4522

Florida Flag
Credit: Confederate Meseum

The Civil War Museum, Kenosha, WI

Proud to be caretakers of 15,000 square feet of Civil War exhibits, this museum tells the story from home front to battlefront.  This museum is all about interactivity through audio and technology. Six states are represented in their walk through history using life size displays, making it look nearly like a movie set.


Link: Confederate Memorial Hall Museum (
Hours: Sun-Mon 12pm-5pm / Tues-Sat: 9amp-5pm
Price: General/$7 Local Residents/$5 Under 15/Free
School Groups Welcome

5400 First Avenue
Kenosha, WI
(262) 653-4140

Civil War Museum of the Western Theater

Located in Bardstown, KY, the Civil War museum is the 4th largest museum in the U.S. with 8,500 square feet. Through a chronological pattern, the history of the civil war is told through the western state’s perspective. It also has a focus on women and their role in the war. This museum is split up into several different parts, and admission prices are separate.


Link: Civil War Museum of the Western Theater (
Hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-5pm
Price: General/$10 (all attractions) Children(7-12)/$4  Under 6/Free
School Groups Welcome

310 E. Broadway
Bardstown, KY
(502) 349-0291

If you have been to any of these museums, sound let us know your experience in the comments below!