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There are a number of heartburn remedies that a person can take advantage of to treat the condition. Heart burn is a burning sensation that is experienced in the chest area that can sometimes extend to the face, throat and neck. This is normally made worse by lying down or bending. Frequent heartburn is normally one of the signs of gastro-esophageal reflux a movement of stomach acid to the esophagus. Some of the heartburn remedies that you can try out include:


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Changing diet is effective as it helps a person to avoid heart burn triggers. You can keep a food diary to help you take note of the foods that are supposed to be avoided. Some of the foods that usually cause a person to have heartburn are citrus fruits, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, coffee and spicy foods among many others that can be avoided if you want to get heartburn remedies.

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Checking out eating times is one of the heartburn remedies that works for many people is avoiding the bed immediately after taking meals. You can plan to eat the last meal at least 2-3 hours before you retire to bed. You should also take time to eat and serve small portions of food. Take time to see how the food looks like as well as how it smells and tastes. Try and mindful when eating and eliminate all the savor and distractions rather than inhaling to take advantage of one of the most effective natural heartburn remedies.


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Stress reduction is also one of the heartburn remedies that have proved efficient over time. Studies have shown that at least 58% of the heartburn cases are caused by stress. Stress also makes the symptoms of the condition to be worse. It is therefore best to try relaxation techniques to ensure that you are not stressed. Try and identify all the factors that bring about stress and avoid them at all costs to avoid suffering from the condition. This is because stress normally disrupts a person’s normal routine and slows down emptying of the stomach thus avoiding it helps individuals to take advantage of one of the best heartburn remedies.

Stop Smoking

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Quitting smoking is also one of the natural heartburn remedies that a person can try out to get rid of the condition. Smoking is dangerous because of the nicotine that is found in the cigarettes that normally lads to weakening of the esophageal sphincter.  This is the band of muscles that is found at the end of the body organ closing it off and preventing the acidic contents in the stomach from reaching the esophagus. There are numerous ways that a person can adapt to get rid of the bad habit but you have to remember you have to make the decision by yourself to take advantage of the heartburn remedies to avoid suffering from the condition.


Patients looking for heartburn remedies can try taking aloe vera juice that is used to sooth the esophagus when it is irritated. Adults should take at least a quarter cup 20-30 minutes before they take their meals.