How to get rid of whiteheads
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Those 'pearly' white-spots on your face can be embarrasing, because they look unsightly and can leave scars if squeezed. Whiteheads are a type of acne. Just like blackheads and pimples, they're caused by clogged pores.

The sebaceous glands (oil glands) produce oil to moisturize the face. When there's excessive sebum secretion, oil builds up inside pores in your skin together with dead skin cells and dirt. To remove white heads, most of us usually squeeze, and that's not the right way as it may cause infection all over the face and body.

Here are a few simple tips on how to get rid of whiteheads.


The easiest way to remove whiteheads is to wash the face with a facial cleanser 3-4 times daily. If your facial skin is quite oily, then keep splashing cold water on unitl you notice that your pores have tightened. In this way you'll get rid of any dirt that could block the pores. This method will help remove dead skin cells as well, leaving your facial skin clean, soft and whiteheads-free.


After cleansing your face, use a mild scrub to deep cleanse the skin pores. Exfoliation or gentle scrubbing is an excellent way to wipe out dead skin cells tha have built up on the skin.

Smoothly massage using the scrub - it's rough surface will soften the pores and take away whiteheads. Make sure you do not over-scrub as it'll dry up your skin, leading to excessive oil excretion.

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Remove Makeup

Makeup clogs up the pores and results in occurrence of whiteheads, blackheads or acne. Take off makeup at night- every night, no exceptions!- using a make-up remover or your regualr acne cleanser and rinse your face to let your pores breathe.

Let me be clear- if you have acne-prone skin and get lazy about washing off your make-up before bed, your acne will get worse.  Period.

Lemon and Honey

Both lemon and honey have excellent antibacterial properties. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and rub gently on your face using a cotton swab. Mild acidity in it helps with opening pores and getting rid of whiteheads.  Freshly squeezed lemon juice also dries out excess oil on the face.

You can also apply honey directly on your face without mixing up anything on affected areas after washing the skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes, rinsing it off with tepid to warm water.

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Facial Steaming

Another efficient way to combat whiteheads is by facial steaming.

Get started with a thoroughly clean face with no makeup or dirt.

  • First, boil a pan of water.
  • You could add lemon, herbs, petals or any essential oil to get an aromatherapy effect as well.
  • Turn off the heat once you can see enough steam.
  • Pour the steaming water into a dish or bowl that you can set on a table with a chair you can sit at.
  • Lower your face down your face over the pot, keeping a clean towel on your head to lock up the steam.
  • Be sure not to keep your face very close to the steam as it may burn the skin.  Your skin will really feel smooth and soft after a few minutes.  Your pores will have really opened up and detoxifies.
  • Now, pat dry using a towel. You can do face steaming once or twice a week.

These are just some of the handful methods for getting rid of the unwelcome whiteheads. The most effective way still to maintain a smooth and soft skin is to prevent whiteheads before it appears on the skin. Always maintain good skincare habits and appropriate skin medication.

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