Weddings, the most important day of a couple’s life, require much planning, effort, and money. Even with these 3 basic components, some weddings turn out a lot better (or worse) than other weddings. The key to planning and executing a great wedding can largely be based on 5 key elements, listed below:

1)      Venue – As with most businesses, location, location, location plays a crucial role in its success. The same thing can be applied to weddings. For example, it’s probably not a good idea to plan a wedding outside in the middle of winter, especially since there is no way to gauge how the weather will turn out. It’s also best to find a wedding venue fairly close to major freeways, airports, as well as cities. People may be flying in from various locations and will need places to stay, as well as places to shop and eat out. Pick a destination accordingly.

2)      Décor – Since guests will mostly be sitting down to eat at your reception, it’s important to have some kind of decorations that coordinate with the wedding colors and such, as not to bore people. Whether it’s hanging up colored lights, putting up artwork, or having fancy table decorations, a wedding planner can help ensure this part of the wedding gets handled the right way.

3)      Food – When people attend weddings and receptions, they will be expecting to eat. This does not necessarily mean you have to cater a full-course meal for everyone (since not everyone can afford such a thing), but it does mean providing some kind of drink (or drink options), as well as an appetizer or some hors d’oeuvres. If you can afford it, go with a respectable catering company with stellar reviews.

4)      Music – Music is an essential part to weddings. Music is usually needed when the bride walks down the aisle, when first dance begins, and throughout the evening to entertain guests. If money is not a problem, consider going with a live band.  If you live in the mid-west, there are some great Utah bands that will put on a great show to entertain your guests.

5)      Coordination – The final 2-3 days before a wedding are usually the most chaotic days. Minimize the confusion by handing out assignments to family members, and then follow up with them and see how you can assist them if they are having problems. Better yet, find a capable wedding planner who can make assignments and make sure everything is being handled. Be sure to ask friends for referrals and read reviews before deciding on any of the elements mentioned abouve.

Just remember, not everything will go perfectly on a wedding day. Mistakes are bound to happen so able to improvise and enjoy the moment – it will be over before you know it!