1. Pollutants

Never underestimate the effect that living in a heavily polluted region or working around harsh chemicals can have on your skin. Our skin is meant to maintain our inner parts from being exposed to everything within the atmosphere, meaning that it'll effortlessly absorb all that dust and dirt and be negatively impacted by those pollutants.

We as humans are not meant to exist in an environment that is laden with chemicals and irritants, so of course these things will have an adverse affect on us.

It is quite crucial to not just cleanse your skin correctly if you live or work in an area like this, but to protect it in the first place. Women who shy away from makeup may well want to think about utilizing it everyday, as it can act as a barrier to these harmful elements. Moisturizers can do the exact same.

This also applies to men who might notice some skin irritation, if they live or work in a extremely polluted environment. Using moisturizers or other skincare products can protect them throughout the day. There are numerous products which are designed just for men, so there's no need to think you're going to smell like makeup or perfume if you start using them.

2. Harsh Weather

Have you ever noticed when you're outside in the cold weather that your lips begin to get chapped and your hands get extremely dry? This is because cold weather makes it much more challenging for your skin to produce its own moisturizers.

What happens when you put water inside the freezer? It becomes solid, right? The same thing occurs to your body's own hydration and moisturizing system. It doesn't precisely freeze, but it does get much less fluid and consequently, it loses its ability to reach the top layer of your skin the way it typically would.

Keeping yourself warm throughout the winter months is important for good skin, and this assists your body's own circulation and natural moisturizers. But covering yourself when out in the elements is also crucial. You ought to often wear gloves along with a scarf, particularly when there's a cold wind. And again, wearing protective moisturizers or makeup may also go a long way toward protecting your skin. These form a barrier against that harsh weather and can protect your skin.

This is obviously crucial in the event you participate in winter sports. Moving is like that cold wind - it just makes the problem worse.

3. Dehydration

It is thought by many that the vast majority of adults are consistently dehydrated and don't even know it. Scientists and doctors blame this on not just a lack of fluids but also on the reality that most people drink a great deal of caffeinated beverages. Caffeine is truly a diuretic -- meaning that it causes the body to lose fluid, making you dehydrated instead of refreshing you.

The body has numerous built-in defenses that keep it healthy, and this includes the skin. We have moisturizing systems within us that keep us hydrated and that keep the skin moisturized and healthy, but these systems only work if they truly have sufficient fluid to pump to the surface of the skin. When we don't have enough water in our bodies, the body will react by pulling it from the skin or from delivering it to the skin last, after it has hydrated all of the vital organs and muscles first. The body does this as a survival mechanism; if the muscles don't have enough hydration they freeze up and can't move and of course we can't live without our muscles, while we can survive with extremely dry skin.

But we can combat this by making certain that we're adequately hydrated as much as possible. Switching to decaffeinated coffee and soda can be a huge aid, but obviously drinking water is the very best thing we can do. If you are someone that hates water, try cutting it with a bit of fruit juice or use a drink mix like Crystal Light.

Get into the habit of drinking water by scheduling it, for instance, have a glass just before lunch and another prior to dinner. Keep a water bottle at your desk at work and an additional within the refrigerator. This way you usually have chilled water readily available.

4. Oxygen Circulation

Blood and oxygen are two quite essential components of the body's system, and you almost certainly already knew that. They're also incredibly crucial when it comes to your skin's health and appearance also because blood not only delivers nutrients to the skin but also takes away things like dead skin cells and such. This gives your skin a very radiant look and appearance.

Blood that is circulating much more typically is going to have more nutrients and work harder at destroying those pollutants in the skin. This also means a lot more fresh blood that will fight totally free radicals, which are those nasty elements that break down healthy cells.

We increase our blood and oxygen circulation by being much more physically active. This gets our heart pumping as well as the blood flowing more freely, which also carries the fresh oxygen to our cells.

Folks right now normally just are not quite active. Being able to sit behind a desk and work on the computer all day may well sound extremely convenient, but it is not quite healthy. We will need to be active and we want to be active on a normal basis. Exercise is as a result one of the very best things we can do for our skin. In case you do not work out regularly or engage in some type of physical activity on a regular basis, it is time to begin. This is very good for your skin and your overall health.

5. Counterproductive Skincare Products

Skincare firms have made wonderful progress in recent years when it comes to consulting with actual dermatologists so that you can find success with their products. These skin doctors can advise on goods that are just going to clog the pores or irritate the skin, and so many makeup and skincare items are now significantly healthier for your skin and can really work to improve it.

But unfortunately there are still several skincare items out there which are harsh and unnatural and that truly damage your skin instead of care for it.

Due to the fact that most breakouts and acne are caused by dirt and oil clogging the pores, quite a few folks assume that getting oil off of your face is the most effective thing to do for your skin, but we have several natural oils on our skin that allow it to remain soft and healthy. Whenever you use harsh products that contain lots of alcohol or other such elements, you're just going to strip your skin of these useful properties as well.

And you can find some makeup items that contain elements that can irritate the skin. Keep in mind that makeup manufacturers need to have their product sit on store shelves for weeks and even months, so they need to add chemicals which will preserve the product and maintain it from separating for that time. These chemicals are typically fine for your skin but sometimes they might be rather harsh and irritate your pores and trigger wrinkles.

It is far better to try makeup that's noncomedogenic, meaning that it will not clog your pores, or that's made for sensitive skin. And even though you may well be thinking of your spending budget, occasionally those much more high-priced brands are the very best. Take into account doing some comparison shopping until you locate a brand that sets well on your face and that does not appear to irritate your skin.