Energy saving

Energy saving practices has become a greater part of each of our lives as our climate warms and our dependence on energy resources climb. 

For most of us our electricity bill is certainly not our most expensive item in a month.  Yet, electricity is the one item that you may be able to adjust enough to make the end of the month mortgage payments a little more bearable.  The following article includes 5 tips to reduce your electricity bill not only monthly but over a yearly basis as well. 

Hot water tanks.  Most hot water tanks are heated by electricity.  These tanks use vast amounts of electricity to heat all the water contained in them.  For newer tanks they usually have a vacation setting.  This means that the hot water tank will not be continually heated with the setting switched on.  This is great when you go away for holidays.  If you don’t have this setting, switching off the circuit break which controls your hot water tank will basically do the same thing, just don’t forget to switch it back on when you require hot water again.  In today’s world many appliances including dishwashers and washing machines will be just as effective using cold water. 

Energy Saving

Washer Dryers.  Washer Dryers suck up electricity like a camel drinking at an oasis in the Sahara dessert.  Basically, your plan should be to do laundry twice a month.  This may seem like a long stretch but trust but in the long run you can cut your electric bill by 25% if you follow this rule.   If you really must do a wash you could potentially use only the washer and then dry your clothes outside at least reducing the electricity from the dryer. 


Lights. Lighting the outside world when it’s already light out is not the brightest idea (excuse the pun) especially if you’re trying to save money.  Using lights on only when it’s dark out is an obvious tip (I hope!).  Changing out your light bulbs with energy efficient ones will significantly reduce your electricity bill, in some cases by over 20 %.  Along with energy saving, these light bulbs last 10 times longer that of conventional ones.  So look around the house change out your light bulbs and see the light of saving.


Heat.  If you house is heated by base board electric heaters you will have noticed their lack of efficiency.  A way to make these heaters more effective and efficient is by turning the heat on in the room in which you are using and making sure the door is closed will increase the rate at which the room.  Let’s say you wanted to take a shower in the morning and you turned the heat on in the bathroom.  Close the door after turning on the heat and I promise the space will heat up twice as fast as if you hadn’t.  This is because there is always a natural flow of air through your home and if you are trying to heat a specific room that warm air being generate by the base boards is only being circulated throughout your entire home instead of the room you are trying to heat.


Common Sense.  Common sense is the least common sense.  A true statement.  When it comes to energy saving tips and electricity common sense rules always apply.  If it’s cold outside and you’re heating your home with a few windows open well then I guess you are attributing to our ever warming climate.  Using electricity only when required and using it wisely is the goal.  Educate your kids on this since they are usually the ones leaving the TV, lights, and video games on while they are distracted from other various things.   Now the final thing I’m going to say is that with all these savings I would not recommend going out and buying a larger washer dryer or a larger TV that would just be counterproductive.  Remember a penny saved is a dollar earned down the road.

Energy Saving Tips