People singing in a car

For all the sensible advise in the world about what you should always have stashed away in your car, for me making sure you have some great music to whale along too (gloriously out of key naturally) takes president. (Yes, I wouldn’t want to get in a car with me either).

 I don’t know what it is about hurtling along a road that fills us with the sudden realisation that we are indeed the next Mariah Carey, or how it transports us to a plain where no note is too high, too loud, or too epic for us to strive for. Perhaps it’s something to do with the deliciously refined acoustics generated inside the hub of metal and plastic. Or moreover the urge to contribute our own sounds to a noisy environment. But whatever it is, nothing completes a trip, and therefore my ‘car essentials’ list, like a great set of driving tunes!

 Before I get into mine, I would like to invite anyone reading this to add their personal favourites to the comment section. That way, this article can become an interactive bank of people’s favourites, and hopefully we’ll all find a new gem or two.

 I should also explain that I chose five songs rather than ‘top ten’ because when people come up with ten best songs, well we’re getting into ‘curved ball’ territory. Five is restrictive enough to keep the best songs topping the list.

 Ok, the suspense must be killing you! So here they are, in no particular order, my top five drive along/sing along favourites:

  1. Cindy Lauper-I drove all night

(80’s power ballad classic; also choose from alternate versions by Roy Orbison or Celine Dion)

  1. Red Hot chilli Peppers- Road Trippin’

(This had to make it onto the list somewhere really if not just for its' overwhelming suitability for the cause. Great song, great band, great album!)

  1. Journey- Don’t stop believing

(Power rock ballads are a must. Remember though that playing an air guitar whilst driving can be distracting)

  1. Roxette-It must have been love

(You have to have quite the vocal register to keep in tune to this one all the way through-perhaps why it’s so perfect for driving. Because the engine at drowns out at least a little of those ear splitting miss-haps with the chorus).

  1. Coldplay-yellow

(A more subdued choice, this one is just a lovely song).

 If compiling your own playlist to use for driving seems like too much hassle, you could always invest in one of the many album compilations created for exactly such an event. Top gear put out a ‘Driving Anthems’ CD each year, or you can find ‘the ultimate driving anthems’ on Amazon.

 Ok, I’ve told you mine. Yours please….