With the increasing availability of the iPad, they are quickly becoming less of a trendy gadget and more of a  part of our every day lives. The more you use the iPad the more you'll find that there are a few essential iPad accessories that you might need to accommodate this device. 

1. StylusBoxWave Capacitive Stylus for Apple iPad

A good stylus is almost a must these days. With all the apps and constant use, your finger will just not cut it on accuracy. Over extended time periods you will find yourself touching many wrong spots and wasting lots of time. Aside from accuracy, a iPad stylus will have your finger from lots of aches and pains during prolonged use, especially on cold days when removing your gloves just isn't an option. One of my favorite is the BoxWave Capacitive Stylus.

2. Wireless Keyboard

Often there are times when the stylus just won't cut it. Whether you are taking notes in a meeting or class, writing an email, or even signing up for a website you'll find that hitting one letter at a time is just not fast enough.  With the increase of iPad sales, you can find a basic wireless iPad keyboard fairly cheap and it will save you a lot of time. A wireless keyboard is an essential iPad accessory if you are taking your iPad out for the day.

3. Cases

Even though the iPad is seeing a lot more use today, they are still a little too pricey for me to feel comfortable dropping it without some kind of protection. Even the most careful person will drop it at some point. To me, it is worth the extra investment to keep the iPad in great condition.  My personal favorite is the OtterBox Defender Series. Not only will it keep your iPad very safe, but it OtterBox Defender Series for iPad (Black)has a build in stand which I find very useful for prolonged use. Two pounds add up after long use.

4. Charger

Yes, most iPads come with a charger but if you have used an iPad very much you know that the low battery warning always pops up at the worst possible moment. Having a spare charger is a lifesaver whether doing work or just having a little fun. Personally, I keep a universal dock charger stand at   home and carry around the basic charger with me. Trust me on this one, you want an extra charger.

5. Speakers

Speakers may  not seem like so much of an essential iPad accessory as the others,  but for the majority of people I believe it is a pretty important item if you are heavily relying on your iPad. The display of the iPad 2 is 1024 x 768 pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi). HD video is possible on the iPad and makes for great movies and games. A good iPad speaker is essential for the enjoyment of movies and games. You can usually find a good speaker stand that makes it really easy to watch movies without the hassle of holding the iPad in position.


While I find these 5 accessories essential to iPad use there are many other accessories that you might find you need while using your iPad. If you find yourself taking a lot of pictures you might want a camera kit for quick downloading of pictures to and from your iPad. If you are around the beach or other water a lot, a waterproof cover may be something you should consider. Do you want to connect your iPad to the TV for everyone to watch your favorite movie? A HDMI switcher cable is quick and easy for this. There are also many car accessories for the iPad such as FM transmitters, mounts, chargers, and many other accessories. 

Whatever you use your iPad for there are usually some sort of accessories that may be essential for increasing your iPad's functionality and convenience .