There are literally hundreds of swimming pool inflatables that you can use in the water; however, there are only a handful of them that can be deemed as being worthy of buying. I am not here to tell you which inflatable pool toys that MUST buy; however, I am writing this article to provide you with my recommendations!

The greatest thing about all of these inflatable products is that they can serve purposes when you are swimming by yourself or with others. Whether you are going for your morning dip or having a pool party with 30+ people, these swimming pool inflatables will be a hit!

The one stipulation when it comes to pool toys is that they will be useless if they pop or tear. Most of these inflatable objects are made with durable material; however, popping and tearing is still more than possible.

*I would highly recommend taking off any pieces of jewellery, as they might tear through the material*

Inflatable Water Slide

The simple fact of the matter is that everyone loves a pool with a water slide! However, not many home owners have the money or room to put a fully fledged water slide in their backyard. There is a solution to this problem!

Head on over to your local sports and outdoors store, and you will notice that a water slide is one of the most popular swimming pool inflatables on the market! Simply pump the slide up, and allow it to float in your pool wherever you want it. People can climb up the back of the inflatable object and slide down the front.

I think that the best feature of this pool toy is the fact that it can be moved to absolutely any position in the water. What other water slide can be placed in the middle of a swimming pool?

Lounger To Sun Tan On

This is one of the most common pieces of inflatable furniture that pool owners have. You simply inflate it, and you practically have yourself a bed that floats on the water. There is no better feeling than getting a sun tan with a drink by your side while floating around in a pool!

You can find some inflatable loungers that sell for under $15; however, I would not recommend buying any of those. Most of the cheap pool loungers are made from thin material that will rip upon touching nearly anything; this would mean that your $15 investment would be down the drain.

I would instead opt to buy a more expensive lounger because they are made with durable material. This means that they will stay inflated unless you take a knife to them! The same rule applies to all of the swimming pool inflatables; spend some extra money and get your hands on one that is made with PVC!

A Sofa Island Lounger That Fits 4 People!

As I had stated in the last paragraph, an inflatable lounger is one of the most important toys for pool owners to have! Imagine a lounger that can fit up to 4 people!

A 4 person lounger is absolutely perfect for pool owners that like to entertain other people and have pool parties. I would deem this type of lounger as being more important that any inflatable raft, couch, chair, or water tube for the simple fact that it can comfortably fit 4 people.

The only stipulation to any of the swimming pool inflatables that fit 2 or more people is that they take up quite a bit of room in the water. With that being said, I would only recommend buying a 4 person lounger if you have a large enough pool to accommodate it!

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A Water Tube For People That Want To Float Around The Swimming Pool

Inflatable water tubes are amazing because they allow the lower half of the swimmers body to be submerged in the water, and the upper half to be above. They are also perfect for people that are learning how to swim because they will keep the new swimmer afloat and allow them to kick their feet to propel themselves through the water!

I would recommend buying an Intex water tube because it is made from extremely durable will practically never pop!

Water Wings For Young Children

There is nothing more scary than having young children swimming through a pool; drowning is not something that you want to happen! However, a set of inflatable water wings is perfect because they will keep the kids afloat! As a pool owner, I would recommend having 1 or 2 sets of water wings in your backyard just in case any of your friends decide to bring their young children swimming!

There are tons of swimming pool inflatable that you can get your hands on; however, this articles goes over the 5 most important ones that any pool owner should have!