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5 Things You Need In Your Paintball Gear

Lots of times when I go to my local paintball field I always have to lend something from my gear bag, whether it be my batteries, goggle spray or sometimes an extra co2 tank. It can be quite frustrating and it's actually the reason for this article. I want to show the lazy peeps out there what they need to bring to the field, because I'm not always going to have that extra co2 tank!

Here's 5 things you must have in your gear bag...

Painball Spare Parts Kit1) Spare parts kit

You should always have a spare parts kits in your gear bag just in case your paintball gun malfunctions. I don't know how many times someone has lost parts or broke their paintball gun on the field only for them to have no tools to fix it.

A spare parts kit should consist mainly of the following:

- Spare O-Rings because O-rings do wear out over time. If you don't have backup O-rings you could be looking at your air leaking.

- Allen Wrenches - Sometimes it's necessary to clean your marker on or off the field, and you'll need the allen keys to field strip your marker!

- Always need lube, carry lube with you everywhere on and off the field, even at parties...

2) Barrel Condoms

You're going to need a barrel condom whether you like it or not. Most paintball fields if not all require them. If you don't have one you could be forced not to play that day, so wear protection frequently and stay safe.

3) Goggle Spray and Towel

I see lots of players not bringing these two things to the field. This one should be the most obvious, you can't hit what you can't see! Your mask will fog up and eventually get covered in paint so be ready with goggle spray and a towel.

4) Extra Batteries

Nothing sucks more then when you're at the field and your paintball gun dies on you because you forgot your batteries at home. Seriously, don't be cheap and get a set of batteries, unless of course you run a mechanical marker.

Paintball Squeegee5) Squeegee

Absolutely positively need one of these. A squeegee cleans your barrel after paintballs break in them. If you do not clear and clean out the barrel, your paintballs will shoot in different directions or worse not shoot at all.

So those are the 5 most important things you should have in your gear bag. Just don't forget your paintball gun, mask, co2 tank, and hopper.