Not sure what to wear for Halloween?

I'm here to help.

So Halloween is coming up fast and you've decided you want to rock something different this year. Your not going to go and buy something from the store and be like every other Vampie or Avatar out there. Your going to be original, unique, and awesome. Or... maybe your just broke and need a quick, easy, and cheap costume idea. Well, I'm here to help. Here are 5 great ideas for your halloween costuming pleasure.

5. A Coat Hanger/Rack

Ok, hear me out on this one. It's Halloween night, it's a little chilly. Everyone wants to show off their skanky costumes but at the same time don't want to freeze on the walk home. Here's where you come in. Get a piece of dowelling (wood) and tie it/tape it/ or hold it to your chest. When people are stripping down they'll come to you for your coat hanging "services". At the end of the night they'll come back to you hyped on "sugar" and ever so grateful. If they don't come back or you get bored you can always make a tidy profit selling the coats on Ebay.

4. Facebook

Take a page from Jim's book and become the giant social network.
You'll give off the I'm not really trying hard for my costume but at the same time i've done something really funny and unique so therefore my costume kicks your costumes butt impression.
If anyone calls you out for stealing your idea from a t.v. show tell them you have no idea what they're talking about. The T.V. show must have stolen your idea.

3. A ghost.

I know I know I said this list was going to be unique, read on for why this costume makes the list.
The main advantage of a ghost costume is the ease with which you can make it. Steal a sheet from your parents, neighbours laundry line, or local laundromat and take a pair of scissors and a marker to it. This costume is virtually free to create and lets you get away with a lot on halloween night (no one can see your face). To pimp it out try adding something out of the ordinary like a tophat, gold chain, or pair of shades. Remember it can be a bit hard to see where your going so be sure to cut big enough eye holes and give yourself a bit of extra time to escape after putting that firecracker in the pumpkin.

2. Condom Man/Woman

This is a costume I've only seen once and it was executed perfectly.
Wrap yourself in a bunch of seran wrap, in amongst the seran wrap layers put some condom wrappers. You could also wear a rubber glove (or something of that nature) on your head. Voila, unique, funny costume.

Note: If you have kids, why not dress them up as mini condoms. You could have condom kids, condom babies, and even a condom dog. Fun for the whole family!!

1. Duct Tape Man/Woman

A variation on the condom man is the duct tape man. I have personally used this costume at a school dance and it brought all the boys (and girls) to my "yard". Just like a milkshake. Get an old (fairly tight) pair of jeans and a longsleeve t-shirt then wrap yourself in duct tape. If your looking for a cheap waxing/shaving alternative then forego the jeans and shirt. For added effect you can go to your local hardware store and get some weird looking wires, tubes, or gloves to add to your ensemble. You can also add some colored duct tape to mix things up.

So there you have it. 5 original, entertaining, costume ideas. I've got many more up my sleeve so leave a comment below if you'd like me to write an article with another 5 of them.

Happy Halloween!!

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