In the past decade, more people have turned to using glasses and contact lenses. This is probably because everyone is using the TV or computer at home, meaning your eyes are constantly getting worn out from staring at the screen.

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Eyes are a muscle.
What happens if you don't use a muscle? The muscle fades away and weakens. This is simple common sense, if anyone tells you that eye exercise is a myth, they are probably wrong. For example, if you never opened your eyes for a whole year, then suddenly opened them, your eyes would not be able to hand the exposure to sunlight. Exercises are all about training the muscles to respond more efficiently.

Eventually when we're older we need glasses, but if you're between 20-45 years old, there is still hope yet! Please note that people with eye problems and eye trauma may not be able to do eye exercises.

1) Frequent blinking

Did you know that the eyelid is designed to keep the eyes moist and refreshed with oxygen? Oxygen is delivered through the eyelid to the delicate parts of the iris and eye whites. If you wear contacts, less oxygen gets through, so take them out for this exercise.

Blink hard and hold for 5 seconds, and repeat.eyes3

This stimulates oxygen and moisture supply to the eye. It also helps recharge your eyes by blanking out all images and starting out fresh again.

This is useful for people who use computers or TV's or books, and do not realize how little they are blinking. If you are wearing contacts, you can still do this exercise at random times in the day to improve oxygen and moisture circulation to your eyes and pupils.

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2) Massaging your eyes

Eyes can get twitchy and tense from alot of intense staring, so take a break and give yourself a smooth massage. Take care not to pull the skin too tightly, simply make the muscle and fat move around your eye.
Place hands over your eyes and cup with the palm. Circulate slowly or move up and down particularly beneath the eyes and above the cheekbone. Then take your fingers and dab gently outwards from your eyebags to improve blood circulation.

3) Relax your eye muscles with green colour

Put a plant in the distance. This was a tip given to me by my art teacher who said I was staring too long and hard during life drawing (You can guess why!) He told me every 5 minutes it would be good to look at a relaxing stimulating colour, and that colour is green. Try to avoid reds, purples or dark colours.

4) Focusing exercises

You can do this at any time, but make sure you train on repetition.
Hold your hand out and focus on your fingers, you should notice the background turning blurry as your fingers get closer to your eyes.
Then, switch to something further away such as out the window. You should see the background turn sharp again.

For some people, this transition is slow, and does not sharpen all the way. However in time, you may be able to sharpen your vision by doing these exercises.

My last tip, which is not really related to eye exercise, is to use something cool and absorbing against your eye's. This helps reduce negative heat accumulating in your eyes and releases stress and tension.