Thanks to a very diligent beauty industry, it's a great time to be beautiful! So you're a little less than perfect (who isn't?); don't let that keep you from looking, feeling, and projecting your best image ever. If you've got it flaunt it, if you don't, fake it! Read on for a few tips to help you on your way too real beauty solutions:

1. Skin Imperfections and Uneven Skin Tone

Try COVERMARK. Fashion models have used this long-time beauty "trade-secret" for decades. It also comes beach ready with a water resistant, sunscreen formula that makes bright light no barrier to full-body confidence. And, if that isn't enough, this fabulous product boasts a variety of made-to-order, custom blends and shades putting it within easy reach of all women - from porcelain white to the deepest, richest brown.

2. Discolored or Chipped Teeth

For the easiest, no fuss solution, visit your cosmetic dentist and see about getting veneers for chips and discolorations. This simple procedure involves overlaying a thin, custom, veneer over affected teeth to conceal imperfections and defects for a dazzling smile you can feel good about!

3. Over-Processed Hair or a Bad Haircut?

Check out today's assortment of the latest most fashionable hairstyles in human hair and synthetic full-lace wigs. This type of wig is all the rage due to its very natural hairline that makes it possible to wear longer styles up – whether the day calls for a classy chignon or a casual ponytail – full lace wigs stay put, can be custom fit, cut, colored, and styled. For "salon fresh" hair every day, it's all about the options!

4. Off-colored and Uneven Textured Toenails

Try one of the most celebrated toenail beauty solutions today- Fashion Nails. Perfect for less than perfect toenails, this product makes it possible, once again, to enjoy the latest sandals, "peep-toe pumps" and boots. Available in a full range of styles and décor – its not just fashion, it's fun!

5. Flawed Figure

Get the look you want and increase your self-confidence with solutions that go beyond mere "figure control" with SPANX – where comfort meets shape wear. This fabulous foundation wear is designed for every woman, with styles suitable for any type of outfit. If you haven't tried the latest in SPANX, what are you waiting for? Get inspired!

Beauty doesn't have to be a chore. Free up your time with more beauty options than ever. Real beauty, real fake, real fun!