How to Select the Right Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money online.  Even if you do not have any experience in affiliate marketing, it does not take much to get started.  You do not have to create a product, take orders, or do any customer service.  You major goal is to just send targeted buyers to a product that you hope will convert.

The best way to sell products is to develop a high traffic website with many unique visitors.  Provide them with quality information and recommend them affiliate products and you can make a consistent income.

To help get started, I recommend these 5 tips to select an affiliate program.  You want to make sure you are picking the right website and product.  Some products will not convert as well as others and this will help you separate the bad from the good.

Picking the Right Affiliate Program - 5 Steps

1. Find Targeted Products

Make sure you find products that are targeted towards the content of your website.  You do not want to be selling dog training programs when people are on a hair loss website.  Therefore, your product should be EXACTLY what the content of your website is.  So on your hair loss website, you would want to send people to hair loss treatments that work.

2. Find Recurring Commission Products

This is an "if possible" scenario as some niches do not have these types of products.  What do I mean by recurring commissions?  Well, say you are trying to sell a product like Netflix.  Once you lead some buyers, you will get keep getting paid each month until that customer ops out.  This helps you continue to get paid from the same customers.

3. Pick a Quality Product

First, do some research on any affiliate product you plan on selling.  Read some reviews around the internet and decide if you think it is quality.  People will offer their true review and you might not like what you find.  A quality product is not only more likely to be sold, it also has less chance of being refunded.

4. Check Out the Sales Page

Look at the affiliate programs sales page.  If you think it is of high quality and believe it will convert, then this might be the right choice.  If it looks like it is from the 90's, I would pass.  Certain pages just do better than others, and you shouldn't be penalized because the sales page cannot convert.

5. Find Programs with Affiliate Support

There is a surprisingly large amount of affiliate programs that will give you support on how to sell their product.  They will provide advertisement images, articles, resources, and recommendations.  If your affiliate program took the time to create this section, then it is likely they have a quality product.