If you are like many people you feel that you know all the facts on lions because they are a very popular symbol so you think you are familiar with lion facts. In fact you may base your knowledge of lion facts on that growling lion that you see whenever you watch a 20th Century Fox movie like the one on the opening credits. But this is in fact on lions in appearance only but it looks like a male lion with some maturity.

1) The physical facts about lions:

One of the facts on lions is that they are the second heaviest of the felines and one of the lion facts is that only tiger is larger. Not a fact on lions but tigers are the largest cat in the world often topping 660 pounds and over eleven feet long. The lion facts are the males go over 500 pounds but both animals live about the same length of time in the wild. A lion has a distinct face especially the male lion with its wild mane.

2) A lion’s diet:

The lion facts about their diet are they are predators and they have to be close to their prey to catch it and kill it. One fact on lions is that they can only run in short bursts of strength and are not long distance runners like giraffes. The lion facts are that they prey on smaller animals like zebras and impalas or deer but the fact on lions is that they stay away from the larger animals like elephants because of the fear that they will be injured or killed. 

3) The social aspects of lions:

The fact on lions is that they are fairly sociable animals. Another one of the lion facts is that they go about in a group called a pride. The lion facts are that this is generally comprised of 5 to 6 related animals with one or two males. The fact on lions is they groom each other.

4) Males and Females:

Another fact on lions is the female is the hunter. The lion facts are the male is the intimidator with his large mane. Another of the lion facts is females hunt together. The facts on lions are males and females are different.

5) Zoo and other captivity conservations of lions:

One of the facts on lions is they are declining in the world. Many lions now reside in zoos or in reservations and National Parks in Africa and India. During the 1950’s there were over 500,000 lions in the wild whereas today there may only be 25,000 or so still living in the wild. So zoos and the National Parks and preserves are their homes. These lion facts are that these entities must see to the conservation of the lions and other threatened and endangered animals of the world. The fact on lions is if they can continue to be on earth the hard lion facts are conservation is a way of life for them.