Facebook and Twitter are both fantastic resources for those that are trying to gather a large following. Whether you are someone who has a political stance that you are trying to get out to the masses, are starting a small business and want to gain a wide customer base, or you simply have a message you want to spread, Facebook and Twitter allow for the opportunity to do so to millions of people. But in order to truly maximize Facebook and Twitter, it’s important that you are going after users that are interested in what it is that you are posting about. In addition, the followers that you have may also say a lot about your personality and they type of person that you are. Here are 5 facts how Facebook likes and Twitter followers reflect your personality, as well as ways that you can attract the type of audience that you are targeting.

 Personality Determines Consumption

The first thing to keep in mind when considering your followers and the type of audience that you have is going to be based off who it is that you want to market. A 2010 study from Mindset Media showed that what people choose to watch on television has a lot to do with the type of personality that they have. For example, nearly 41% of people who consider themselves creative are more likely to watch the show Mad Men, while 61% of people who consider themselves rebels are more likely to watch something along the lines of Family Guy. When looking at the transition of getting followers online, getting likes and followers from Facebook and Twitter starts with the type of audience that you want to consume your content. Rather than going for a broad array of people, start by targeting those that you think will be most interested. In the event that you have to change your target market along the way, that is completely a possibility. It also shows that you’ll have the personality that allows for change without completely giving up on your goals.

 Your Online Approach May Mirror Your Offline Personality

Think about the last time that you went to a networking event or another large gathering. Are you the type of person that sat on the outskirts and waited for people to approach you; or where you more active and eager with your pursuit of people? In either event, your online approach may be the same as how you attract people offline as well. People who are eager to get attention in real life will likely have the same type of personality that will want to quickly get attention online as well. On the other hand, there are some soft-spoken people who prefer to let others come to their online profile, rather than actively search them out. There is no saying that one is better than the other as long as you provide quality content, but you may also have to adjust if you are trying to get the most from your audience.

 Your Audience is A Reflection of Yourself

The audience that you are trying to attract is also likely going to be a reflection of yourself and your personality. For example, take a look at YouTube channels like SciShow or Dude Perfect. In SciShow, Hank Green uses his quirky and intelligent persona to attract those who are interested in science and history. On the other hand, Dude Perfect does a great job of attracting fraternity brothers or video gamers. However, once their channels became much larger, then more people became interested. Much like the people who already have following, your personality can be useful when working to increase your Facebook likes and Twitter followers.  

 Your Persistence on Social Media Will Determine Your Follower’s Interest

It’s important that once you have a strong social media following you keep it going. If you are inconsistent with posting photos or statuses, then people will lose interest in what it is that you have to say. On the other hand, if you post more frequently, people will take you more seriously. If your personality is to be lazy and forgetful, then your online strategy will likely have plenty of issues with succeeding.

 Your True Personality Will Come Out

If you are able to build your Facebook and Twitter profiles into those that have millions of followers, you’ll likely start making quite a bit of money from your efforts. When that happens, your true personality will come out. If you get a lot of money and change your personality, then your audience may see this and be turned off. Therefore, be sure that just because your online profiles are successful, you aren’t becoming unappealing to your audience.

If you are wondering what more Facebook likes and Twitter follows mean, consider these 5 facts for how they also reflect your personality.


Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers Reflect Your Personality