Here's some tips to get you on the road.

1. Make sure you have a ramp or step stool that is not wobbly.

 Sounds simple enough but this can actually help what will hopefully be a  fast pack-up. This can also prevent accidents that can occur while moving. Yes, it is easy to hop into the back of a truck when you have nothing in your hands or even when you are carrying something on your own. But please know that is can be a whole nother ball-game when you are loading, say, a couch or 70inch tv set. 

2. Make sure you have good communication when hauling with another person.

  Tell the other person when you need to take a quick rest or if the way they are tilting the object makes it difficult for you on your end. (That means you to "tough-guy".) Many accidents can be avoided by following this simple rule. Remember that if one or the other falls (depending on how they fall) they can get very serious injuries. 

3. For extremely heavy objects see if you can make a "road" for the object to travel.

  Sometimes you can make a "road" of dowelings to roll the object to the truck. If you are worried about nicks and scratches, try putting a thin blanket around the object to pad between the dowels and the object.

4. Make way....

 Make sure that pathways are clear as possible of debris and large items.  Compensate for the fact that you may not be able to lift that hide-away couch over your head to get it over the lamp that was too close to the path. Also make sure that every person that you are working with knows that "the person with the load has right of way".


5. Pack tight!

 Nine times out of ten, damage that is attained during a trip is because the packer failed to pack the items in the truck tightly enough to keep them from sliding or jolting around. Make sure everything that could get scratched is covered well in a towel or old blanket. Most moving vans will have places inside that you can attach straps to (ratchet straps are the best kind)... By all means, use them! Give the items only a small margin to move to account for the truck shifting as it goes over bumps.

 Enjoy your move, and good luck!