Tips for Great Skin

How to Get Healthy Skin Through Diet
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The aging process that affects your skin and hair is the result of oxidation caused by free radicals from environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution or cigarettes, or from internal factors related to a poor diet.

You already know that certain types of foods are great for your overall health. However, more than simply being healthy foods to eat, many of these same antioxidant rich, good foods to eat can also be used topically on your face and hair to help reduce the signs of aging such as loss of skin elasticity, age spots and discoloration.

While nothing has been shown to eliminate wrinkles, consistent moisturizing can also help reduce the appearance of them before they form deep lines in the skin.

What foods are good for getting clear skin?

Well, there are many, but here are five foods for healthy glowing skin which are probably already in your kitchen. You should be eating all of these as part of a clear skin diet, or using as a topical application to your hair and skin. 

Best Foods for Clear Skin

How to Get Perfect Skin and Hair with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for Clear Skin
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Is coconut oil good for your face? It is oil, right, so why would you want to add more oil to your skin?

Coconut oil is the basis of many skin care products because it has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It is also my favorite oil because it has so many other uses. It is a great  moisturizer for skin and hair as well as a great oil to use for cooking.

Antioxidants help repair the damage to the tissues in our body caused by oxidation from our poor diets of processed foods. Oxidation is considered a major factor in the aging of the skin.

If you only use one oil that is high in fat, choose this one because it has the most upside both internally and externally.

Ninety plus percent of the fatty acids in coconut oil are saturated but they are considered healthy fats called medium-chain triglycerides. MCTs contain lauric acid which is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral.[2]

How to Use Coconut Oil for Face

If you replace a store bought moisturizer with coconut oil, a little goes a long ways. It will be a little more oily than a normal moisturizer at first, so only use a small amount. Your skin will absorb it fairly rapidly if you gently massage it into your skin after a shower.

Some people notice that their acne increases slightly when they first start using coconut oil on their faces. I have heard it theorized that this is the initial anti-microbial properties clearly out the bacteria from the pores which causes some flare-ups in the beginning.

In any event, stick with it for at least two weeks, and if you still notice more acne after that time period, you can decide on your own whether it is worth it. Everyone's skin is different but I say again, coconut oil is the basis for a lot of moisturizers and hair products for a reason.

Speaking of which, you can also use it as a moisturizer for your hair, replacing your hair conditioners which are loaded with other chemicals.

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Foods for Clear Skin

How to Have Good Skin with Brazil Nuts

5 Foods That Can Help You Look Younger
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Brazil nuts are healthy things to eat because they are rich in selenium which helps protect skin from UV rays from the sun. Selenium also aids in the production of an antioxidant called glutathione that helps keep skin firm and elastic.[3]

However, a little goes a long way. Just a few a day are enough to get the amount of selenium you need. According to the USDA, just four nuts provide the recommended daily allowance of selenium.[3]

However, too much selenium can actually be harmful to your heath, and it is not recommended to consume selenium via supplements.

Healthiest Foods for Skin

How to Eat for Healthy Skin with Tomatoes

5 Foods That Can Help You Look Younger
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You should get a tomato a day somehow into your diet every day for one reason as part of an anti aging diet and keeping skin healthy. They are at the top of every healthy food list.

Tomatoes contain phytochemical called lycopene which give them their red pigment.[4] This chemical acts as a natural sun block for the skin helping to prevent UV rays from penetrating the layers of the skin.

Studies suggest that lycopene is most easily absorbed when tomatoes are heated slightly before being eaten.[3]

Ways to Keep Skin Healthy

Natural Remedies for Healthy Skin with Raspberries

5 Foods That Can Help You Look Younger
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Oxidation caused by free radicals in processed foods we eat and in the environment cause the skin to age. That is a fact. So the more foods rich in antioxidants we consume, the better.

Raspberries are an essential for a healthy skin diet. They contain more antioxidants in just one serving as 10 servings of most other fruits and vegetables, even some in this list like tomatoes.[3]

Antioxidants fight free radicals that cause inflammation stress that contribute to the aging of skin and wrinkles.

Raspberries contain nutrients called anthocyanins which give them their color. What it does for raspberries, it does for your skin too. Anthocyanins are beneficial for youthful skin and complexion.

Raspberries are also loaded with all of the B vitamins which have been show to help with hair loss and the graying processes associated with hair.[3]

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Food for Clear Skin

Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin
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You probably have heard of the internal benefits for your heart and arteries from extra virgin olive oil, but it also contains an antioxidant called polyphenol which is great for the skin and hair.[1]

Is olive oil good for your skin?

Yes, applying it to the face and scalp is one of many olive oil uses.

Benefits of Olive Oil on Skin

Olive oil is great for treating dandruff. A small amount mixed with some lemon juice will help exfoliate the flakes while the oil moisturizes the new skin underneath. It also add weight to hair to help prevent fly away, unruly hair. Just replace your normal conditioner with a dab of olive in the shower. It can even be used on the fly rather than the fly away spritzers sold commercially.

It also can be used for a moisturizer to help keep skin elasticity. Just massage a little bit on your face every morning. Olive oil contains vitamins A and E which are antioxidants that help to repair the damage caused by exposure to sun and other environmental pollutants.[1]

Final Thoughts on How to Get Healthier Skin

Healthy Foods for Clear Skin
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These five foods are just a few tips for healthy skin. There many other foods that can be used in a diet for healthy skin that provide natural remedies to some common ailments including dry and inelastic skin, dandruff, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies that cause hair loss.

If you are wondering how to have healthy skin, incorporating whole foods into your diet and using natural oils for moisturizing can help prevent the signs of aging caused by sun exposure, skin discolorations and free radicals. If you go back to basics rather than looking for a miracle cure in the aisles of drugstores, you will be surprised how well natural foods work while saving money in the process.