Melbourne is a beautiful multi-cultural city with a rich art, music and sport scene. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, but a visit to this great city doesn't have to break the bank. Here are 5 free things you can do to take in the sights and sounds of Melbourne.

Melbourne Street ArtCredit: Peiran Xu

1) Walking Street Art Tour

Melbourne is famous for its maze of little lane-ways and back streets, lined with some of the most creative graffiti and street art. You can spend hours exploring the hidden gems that add to the vibrant art culture of Melbourne. A day of street art discovery won't cost you a dime.

A street art map to help you find your way:

Federation Square

2) Chill Out in Federation Square

Federation Square is a public space maintained by the city of Melbourne that features free wifi, free events, information and entertainment. There is a massive big screen TV built into the side of a bar that broadcasts live sports, short films and inspiring TED talks. Take a load off, check your email and soak up some sun in the free beach chairs provided.

St Kilda Beach Boardwalk

3) St Kilda Beach

Take a stroll along the the St Kilda boardwalk down to Luna Park or check out the famous beach huts that sit on the sand, showcasing a range of colourful and interesting designs.


City Circle Tram

4) Ride the City Circle Tram

The City Circle Tram is the best way to cruise around the Melbourne CBD and check out the sights. You can hop on and off the free tram as much as you like and enjoy the different attractions Melbourne has to offer including Docklands harbour, Federation Square and the Queen Victoria Markets. The tram only takes 12 minutes to do a loop of the city so you won't be waiting long. It's maroon and gold colours help it stand out from the regular fee charging trams.

The route and timetable can be viewed at:

Queen Victoria Night Markets

5) Head to the Queen Victoria Markets

Wander the isles and soak up the market atmosphere filled with vendors selling everything from fruit to fur. The weekends are when the market really comes to life and on Wednesday nights during the summer months, the market transforms into a free live music, outdoor drinking and world food fiesta.

Street Art Melbourne
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