Are You Tired of the Same Old All Hallows Eve Parties?

Choose one of the following adult Halloween party ideas, and welcome your friends into your home for an evening of fun. Plan your adult Halloween party using one of the five ideas listed below. After all, October 31 isn’t just for kids; grown-ups like to enjoy this Boo! Day, too.

After selecting one of the adult Halloween party ideas, then decorate your house to carry out your theme for the night.

Plan Your Adult Halloween Party Using One of These Budget Friendly Ideas

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Adult Halloween Party Ideas #1 - All Hallows Eve Favorite Song Festivity

If you and your friends are into music, you will like this - the first of my adult Halloween party ideas. Have your guests dress in a way that reflects one of their favorite songs. For instance:

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere” - Dress in Caribbean clothes, and carry a clock.

Catch A Falling Star” - Make or purchase a star, wear casual clothes, carry a baseball catcher’s mitt, and wear the star half-in and half-out of the shirt pocket.

The Alphabet Song” - Cut the letters of the alphabet out of felt, and attach them to your clothing.

Monster Mash” - Dress as a monster, and carry a potato masher.

Take Me Out To the Ball Game” - Carry a baseball or a bat, and stick some tickets out of your shirt pocket.

And if you and your friends particularly like a certain singer, like Jimmy Buffett, then set the rules for the party to mean everyone dresses as a personification of a Buffett song. This type of party will really only work for those who are dieheart Parrotheads or dieheart fans of any one particular singer. Jimmy Buffett examples:

Margaritaville” - Again, this song calls for Caribbean clothing, and of course, a margarita glass in your hand.

Fruitcakes” - Wear casual clothes, and carry that old fruitcake, leftover from last Christmas.

Fins” - Wear Caribbean clothing, and either carry a toy shark or periodically make the fin motions that are made at a Buffett Concert.

There are many songs that can be used as a starting point for a costume for an All Hallows Eve Favorite Song Festivity. Tell everyone to use his or her imagination. Award a prize to the person whose costume was the hardest to guess and to the guest who identified the most song titles.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas #2 - Favorite Movie or Television Character Blast

If your group of friends happen to be movie or television fans, then have everyone dress to represent a different movie or television character. Examples:

News Reporter - Dress in business attire, carry a microphone around, stick it in everyone's face, and ask his or her opinion on some news story.

Amazing Race Participant - Wear comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, carry a map, and carry a large backpack.

Apprentice Job Applicant - Dress for success and/or glamour, carry your cell phone, and a big briefcase. At the end of the night, “Fire Everyone.”

Adult Halloween Party Ideas #3 - A Trick-or-Treat Bash

Most people have received presents, at some time, that aren’t exactly what they want, so they have buried them in the back of their closet, and don’t know what to do with them. A Trick-or-Treat Bash is the answer to your problem. Have each person bring a trick-or-treat gift (something they don’t want) or a gag gift. Request that all packages be wrapped in plain white paper, with no decorations. As each guest arrives, collect his or her gift, and have him or her draw a number from a dish. After drinks and snacks, have the guest who has the lowest number select and open a gift. Then, the next lowest numbered guest selects and opens a gift. This guest, then, can either take the first person’s package or keep theirs. The drawing for gifts, and the exchanging of each others' gifts, goes on until all gifts have been given out. The limit on exchanging any one gift is three times. Only you will know if you received a trick-gift or a treat-gift. After all, "one person's trash is another's treasure.” This is a great way to mix a little ‘green’ into this orange and black holiday.

Also, when designing your invitation, find someway to include the names of all invited guests in the invite. The reason for this is you wouldn’t want someone to bring a turn-around-gift that they have previously received from another of the attendees.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas #4 - All Hallows Eve Pet Celebration

Have everyone dress-up their dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or pet rock in a costume, and bring them to your All Hallows Eve Pet Celebration. This is best planned for a weekend afternoon, so the pet guests can have their own space, and have room to run and play outside. After serving treats to all the guests, then escort the entourage of costumed pets to a hospital or a nursing home. This spectacular parade of costumed pets will delight young and old alike. Just be sure to call ahead, to the hospital or nursing home, to make sure this type of entertainment will fit into their regulations. While this is listed under adult Halloween party ideas, it is also a great multifamily way to celebrate the season.

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Adult Halloween Party Ideas #5 - No Spooks Game Night

Maybe you and your friends are not into costumes. That’s ok! Get together anyway – turn this spooky holiday into a game night. Have everyone, or every couple, bring their favorite board game, and begin the challenges. Set up extra tables, so participants can move from one table to another table, to play different games. Some favorite games for this type of evening are:  Scrabble, Monopoly, cards, checkers, dominos, cribbage, Tripoley, Tri-Ominos, and backgammon. Have a simple trick-or-treat gift for the winner of the most games.  And of course, don’t forget the many delicious treats for everyone to snack on.

In Closing

I hope these adult Halloween party ideas will help you plan your next All Hallows Eve gathering. Use them as they are, or give them your personal touch. Most of all, gather your friends together, and have fun. And remember, November 1 is the day to shop for decorations for your next ‘spooktacular event’. So, begin thinking about some adult Halloween party ideas for next year.