Very few homes have enough light. According to design gurus, each space should have three different sources of light. These sources can be overhead lights, lamps, under-counter lights or hanging fixtures. Adding light to your rooms or outdoor spaces doesn't have to been involved or expensive. Below are five fun lighting projects you can do yourself:

1. Create a string hanging lamp

Remember those paper mâché projects you did when you were a kid? Using that same principle, you can make your own stylish string lamp shade. All you need is a roll of hemp twine, some glue and a balloon. Blow up the balloon and coat it with glue. Next, wrap the string tightly around the balloon, making sure to keep an open space at the top for the lamp works. Allow the glue to dry overnight and then pop the balloon. You'll have a fun, one-of-a-kind lamp shade ready to insert a lamp works and hang.

2. Consider Moroccan string lights

Moroccan-style string lights add a touch of intrigue to any room. These lights, which are widely available online and elsewhere, have 2"-3" round globes with cut-outs that evoke the feel of the bazaar. Mount them along your fireplace hearth, around an arched doorway or around a window.

3. Add LED lights to your backyard decor.

An affordable way to add illumination to pathways, decks and garden beds in your backyard is by adding LED light bulbs. Such lights give you a bright light in a small package and can be either wired or solar-powered. Either way, they are easy to install. The solar-powered lights simply stick in the ground. To install the wired lights, dig a trench for the wires, cover them and plug the adapter into an outdoor electrical outlet.

4. Find a place for rope lighting

Rope lighting makes even the most mundane space look sophisticated. This easy to install lighting fits under the moldings in built-in cabinets or bookcases, under a fireplace hearth or in the ridge of a tray ceiling. Virtually any home has a place for rope lighting.

5. Wine bottle accent lights

A visit to Pinterest will yield dozens of fun lighting ideas, just one of which is filling colored wine bottles with Christmas tree lights. You simply cut a hole about the size of a quarter near the base of the bottle, stuff the lights inside (small strands work best) and plug it in. Use one or several. They add a romantic accent to any room.

Illuminating your indoor and outdoor living spaces doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Pick one of our ideas or get creative on your own. You'll be surprised how much a little lighting change can transform your space.