Earth Day is the time of the year where everyone is invited to focus as much attention as possible for trying to help out our planet's environment, and finding fun Earth Day activities for kids is a priority for many people like teachers, mentors, parents, or any one else who is involved with Earth Day activities and are frequently around kids and children. It can sometimes be hard to get young kids to focus on activities, and Earth Day will be no different. The biggest thing to worry about is keeping their attention, and making things fun for them rather than a chore. For anyone who is having trouble coming up with some good ideas for some fun and easy Earth Day activities for kids, I invite you to take a look at these five and give some of them a try.

Kids Earth Day Activity (Recycling)


Recycling and reusing is a practice that we should all implement on a daily basis in our lives, but Earth Day is a great time of the year to educate kids on the importance of recycling. You can create a very easy Earth Day activity for kids by explaining to them why recycling is so important, and how to do go about doing it. A great way to get them involved and interested is to use some hands-on projects for them to enjoy while learning at the same time.

For example, you could have a bunch of cardboard, cans, and other various recyclable materials laid out on the floor and create a project for them to do by showing them how you can make different things out of the recyclable or reusable items. Shoeboxes can be used as storage containers for small toys, or as displays for children's artwork like play-dough structures and things of that sort. Aluminum cans can be decorated and used as fun pencil holders. You could take some cereal boxes and break them down so that they are flat, square them off, and have the kids draw pictures or other kinds of crafts on them and allow them to take them home to hang up in their room, as another example.

There are many other ways to make fun Earth Day activities for kids using recycling and reusing practices. By showing them that they can make cool things out of what they see as trash, you can then help them understand how big companies with lots of technology and big machines can make even cooler things out of them for anyone in the world to use. You could even mention the fact that some of the toys they play with are made out of recyclable items, and that if they keep recycling, companies will be able to keep making toys for them.

Kids Earth Day Activity (Grocery Bags)

Customized Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags

This is a pretty popular Earth Day activity for kids because of how fun it is to do. What you do is go out and find a store that has large paper grocery bags and ask if you could have some. If you ask nicely they will more than likely just give them to you for free as they are not expensive and come in bulk packages for the stores. After you get your bags comes the fun part. Have your children color and design Earth Day artwork on the bags. Let them be creative but try to encourage them to incorporate a lot of Earth Day related concepts.

If you are going to use this Earth Day activity for just a few kids of your own, you can keep the bags and keep using them at the grocery store or you can let them keep the bags for their own use of storing toys, school books, or clothes.

If you are using this Earth Day activity for a lot of kids, for instance if you are a teacher of some kind, you will probably have a lot more bags to deal with when it's over. A great idea for you to do is to take the bags back to the grocery store you got them from and let them re-use them in the days leading up to Earth Day for all of the customers to enjoy.

If you want to spend a little more money for this fun kid's Earth Day activity, you could always go out and buy the cloth reusable grocery bags and let the children using permanent markers or fabric pens, glue, glitter, etc. and the bags will last a whole lot longer.

Kids Earth Day Activity (Nature Walk)

Nature Walks

When it comes to fun Earth Day activities for kids, nothing quite compares to taking them outside in nature and letting them just enjoy themselves, especially for teachers who have a class full of students just praying for a fun spring field trip. Take your kids out to a local nature preserve and educate them on the beauty and wonders of this great planet we live on. This is a great Earth Day activity for kids because we all know how much they love being outside most of the time. The key is to allow them to have fun, and not overdo it on the educational aspect, as it may ruin their experience. You just have to be subtle and drop in some interesting facts about nature here and there, trying your best to make it relatable to something they have an interest in.

If you're in a big city and are walking around your local park, it's not uncommon to see some trash scattered about which could be something you can use to your advantage. Be creative, have a little contest with your kids and tell them whoever picks up the most trash in x amount of time gets a prize of some sort. Children love competition and this will make cleaning litter up a fun thing to do. You could also go ahead and explain to them why littering is so bad, and what kind of punishment comes with it (for example, where I live it is a $500 fine for littering).

Kids Earth Day Activity (Planting Trees)

Plant A Tree

This is one of the oldest and most popular Earth Day activities for kids on this list, and it remains to be a top pick today for good reason. Not only is planting trees a great way to help out our planet, but by using this as a kids Earth Day activity, you have an excuse to take them outside, which we talked about earlier as being something that is almost guaranteed to keep them happy and interested in just about anything. You can buy trees to plant from many places on the web or in a few garden stores around town.

The National Arbor Foundation is a great place to begin your quest of finding some trees to plant for this famously popular Earth Day activity for kids.

Kids Earth Day Activity (Earth Hour)

Earth Hour

This is a new concept that has sprung up in recent years that makes for a great Earth Day activity for kids as well as adults. Earth Hour is an hour that is dedicated to having everyone who chooses to participate shut off all of their lights and unplug any and all electrical appliances for just one single hour. This is a concept that invited everyone in the world to take part in, and last year alone nearly 1 billion people around the world participated and turned their lights off for one hour.

This is probably the easiest Earth Day activity for kids because this can be your chance to give the kids even more Earth Day activities to do such as some of the ones previously mentioned. Earth Hour will take place at 8:30 pm in your own local time on Saturday, March 27, 2010.