Every parent wants to create fun and exciting memories with their kids.  However many popular kids’ attractions can be a drain on your pocketbook.  Here are some great ideas for those family Sundays.  These ideas won’t break the bank and can create some cherished memories.

  1. Picnic in the Park -- Most parents of young children have visited the playground.   How about expanding  your park visits to other areas?  Most cities have parks with open fields that are perfect for spreading out blankets and handing out sandwiches.  You’d be surprised at how much fun your kids can have eating simple foods at a “picnic”!  If you really want to be ambitious, bring a disposable BBQ grill and go all out.
  2. Visit your Local Pet Shop -- Who needs to pay expensive zoo admissions?  For young children a pet store can do the job just as well.  Fish, rabbits, hamsters, birds, and even dogs and cats can entertain your young child for free.
  3. Scavenger Hunt in the Supermarket -- Turn your routine shopping into an adventure by making it into a game.  If you have another adult with you, you can split into teams and see who completes their list first.  Otherwise, enlist your kids help in finding different items, or specific brands or colors.  Another way to play is to give your kids hints about what items you are looking for, and have them guess and find.
  4. Go on a Nature Walk -- Hike through your neighborhood searching for different types of leaves, rocks, and plants.  Even if you live in the most urban environment, there are places nearby to find these bits of “nature.”  When you get home you can set up a nature display or use them in projects.
  5. Visit the Airport -- If you live near an airport, this trip is terrific.  Kids love seeing all those planes from up close, maybe even watching them take off or land!  Moving sidewalks and baggage carousels are fascinating to young children, as are all the uniformed workers and the luggage trolleys.

These ideas are really just a jumpstart for you to plan your own great, free adventure.  Depending on where you live there are likely many other options as well.  Check out local museums for free admission days or hours, and the local library for scheduled activity hours.  If there is a manufacturing plant in your area, find out if they give tours of the plant, or if they allow visitors.  Many police and fire stations allow visitors as well.  Once you get started you will find that there are many free and low-cost opportunities for fun with your kids -- just don’t forget your camera!