Cave City, a small city in Kentucky is chock full of tourist attractions. Not only is there several different campgrounds to pick from, you can shop at a variety of antique stores and eat at any of the multiple restaurants and cafes. Listed below is 5 fun things you can do with your kids while visiting this unique little city; all just minutes away from each. 

Kentucky Action Park

If you are looking for wholesome family fun and a place to spend the night, then look no further than Kentucky Action Park. A camp site with cabins is available for sleeping at night and resting in between all the activities you'll find during the day. One fun thing to do here is the Alpine Slide, a 1/4 mile water slide. The only drawback to this particular activity: only six-year olds and up can slide down and no doubling up.  Also offered is horseback riding at the Jesse James Riding Stables, go-cart riding, trampoline/bungee flipping and bumper boats and cars. Plus, you can have your picture taken while on horseback or dressed in old west outfits. And if all the above wasn't enough, Kentucky Action Park has a chair lift, canoeing and Outlaw Cave tours.

Guntown Mountain

Start by riding up the hill in either a bus or if you're more adventuresome, take the chair lifts. Once there, take a tour of the different buildings in this authentic Wild West town. Fun things to do here include watching two different gunfights outside in the streets or can-can dancing in the Saloon; all performed by experienced and talented local actors. For one dollar the sheriff will put a family member in jail for five minutes. Also, you can enjoy a real magic show and listen to country music performed by a live band. 

Dinosaur World

If you have kids that love dinosaurs, then Dinosaur World is a must-see for you and your family. Go inside to look at all kinds of dinosaur exhibits. Next, take the kids outside so they can dig in the sand for dinosaur fossils. Pack a lunch and eat at one of the picnic tables and afterwards your children can play on the playground.

Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum

Stop and take a tour of rare and exotic wildlife in their natural habits. This museum offers exhibits of animals, birds, marine life and insects and is sure to delight kids of all ages and their parents too.

Hillbilly Hound Fun Park

This fun little stop offers a go-cart course and a mini-golf course. Hillbilly Hound Fun Park also has a huge game room stocked with plenty of entertainment for your entire family to enjoy, such as pool tables, air hockey and skeeball, just to name a few.


Digital camera(98775)

Each of these fun places allow cameras so remember to take yours or buy one before leaving home. Bring back memories and pictures so your family and friends can see how much you enjoyed your vacation.